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Rayanne's bag hits the floor. Shot of Mr. K making a note. Cut back to Rayanne's furry-moon-booted feet; pan up to show that she's standing like Angela, her body language totally pretzelled up and turned inward, and pan up to her face, where she's tucking her hair behind her ear Angela-style as she delivers her lines. Cut again to Mr. K literally sitting up and taking notice of her.

Static. Now it's black-and-white video footage of the yearbook office, and we hear "Lion's" Sharon Cherski saying that she likes the layout. Then Sharon comes into the frame, going over photo sizes with Delia "Passion" Fisher while Brian "Boom Shaka" Krakow films them with his camcorder; Sharon tells Delia to leave out any photos of clubs that have fewer than five people in them. Delia says that none of the clubs has more than five people. "Chess Club has six," Brian pipes up. Sharon and Delia stare at him like he's moldy bread. "Sometimes," he adds. Heh. Brian tries to get Sharon to tell him what's the what with the video yearbook, and she tells him impatiently that "Foster didn't even want a year in video -- I had to basically beg," and Brian should just keep it simple -- get candid shots of people hanging out "where people…hang out." Brian, who has let the viewfinder stray down to Sharon's chest, whips it back up to her face: "So, um, where do people hang out?" Sharon: "[Pursed lips of exasperation.]" Static.

So-Called Hallway. Rayanne bets that Angela's friend Abyssinia gets the part: "You must be so proud." Angela retorts that she barely knows Abyssinia: "I'm proud of you -- you were great!" Rayanne says that didn't "cry right"; she should have cried more like Angela. Angela protests good-naturedly as Rayanne proceeds to do an uncanny rendition of Angela crying, but when Rickie walks up and asks Rayanne, "Why are you crying like Angela?" Angela bursts out, "Shut up, I do not cry like that!" "You do so," Rickie laughs, and Rayanne collapses, victorious, into Rickie's arms before spotting Corey Helfrick walking towards them and trying to point him out to Angela. Angela doesn't believe that it's really Corey, so she starts telling them about her dream about him -- he had on "this really weird towel made of, like, Saltines, but they kept crumbling" -- and Rickie and Rayanne try to shut her up, but she doesn't listen. Corey walks right up to their little group and says, "Hi," and then, to Rayanne, "Nice cry." Angela asks him, "You're in Drama Club?" "Yeah, he paints scenery," Rickie says, then rolls his eyes at himself and adds with a little smile, "I mean, probably." Hee! I love Rickie so. Angela starts babbling at Corey about painting and how that's "interesting"; Rayanne and Rickie openly laugh at her, and Rayanne butts in all "never mind the scenery" and starts to ask whether Corey eats Saltines with his soup, but Angela literally smothers her against the row of lockers. Rayanne wriggles free and heads off with Rickie. Angela makes an embarrassed face and starts to walk away herself.

Just then, Jordan "Aires" Catalano materializes and leans against a nearby wall, seemingly waiting to talk to Angela. Angela spots him, ducks her head, and walks quickly over to Corey's locker to pepper him with fluffy questions: "Um, so what's the scenery gonna be like? For Our Town." She does the non-glance glance over Corey's shoulder to make sure Jordan's watching. Shot of Jordan making a "she's talking to that guy?" face. More screamingly obvious flirtation from Angela for Jordan's benefit. Corey delivers a lecture on artifice in set design (hmm), Jordan sulks, and Angela arrays her plumage for Corey as AVO tells us, "I like him. I do. And I want to pay this much attention to every word he says. It's not just because Jordan Catalano is watching." Corey winds up his monologue, and Angela zeroes in, saying that maybe she could "help, or something." Corey didn't know she "was interested in art." "Oh, yaahh," Angela says for the thirteenth time. Jordan gets the hint; he rolls his eyes and makes tracks past Angela and Corey, and Angela is unable to stop herself from turning to watch him go by as she raves that she'd "love to, definitely." "Love to what?" Corey asks, puzzled. Angela, starting to come to: "Help. Or something."

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My So-Called Life




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