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Chase kitchen. Patty kneads something in a bowl; the phone rings, and Graham tells her that, if it's Hallie, he's not there. Patty gives him a "whatever" look, and Graham whines that Hallie will want to talk about the prospectus, which he hasn't even looked at yet. Patty tells him just to tell Hallie that, and indicates her messy hands, so Graham answers the phone; it's Camille Cherski, who tells Patty that Graham sounds "happy," an observation that Patty passes along to Graham. Uh oh. Then she hits Patty up for help with a clothing drive. Banter about clothes that Graham never wears; Graham endears himself to me forever by protesting, "But that doesn't mean I never will [wear them]." Words to live by, my good man. The phone rings again; in exchange for free reign over Graham's closet, Patty agrees to screen the call, which of course is from Hallie, and she and Hallie make small talk, and Patty lies that Graham is in the shower. Oh, brother.

Static. Brian at a pool hall, filming. A guy in sunglasses and a leather motorcycle jacket brushes past him menacingly; Brian smiles fearfully. Through the viewfinder, Brian spots Rayanne and Rickie, and Rayanne in turn spots Brian and slurs wearily, "Krakow, don't put that in my face," and walks away. Rickie explains that "she's upset" because of the audition, and Rayanne doubles back to grab him by lapels and say, "You don't have to tell the whole world." She faces the camera: "It's just a ssstupid play! Dead people. Come back. And visit! Right. Like that's really gonna happen." She drags Rickie off; Rickie smiles apologetically. Brian keeps filming, coming to rest on Menacing Guy, who glares at him again, so Brian quickly jerks the lens around to find another subject and comes to rest on Jordan, who's swigging a beer. Back to color, and we pan from Jordan over to Rickie, who's telling Rayanne that he's not going to hang around and watch her "get plastered." Uncapping her flask, Rayanne pouts that she's "been so good," and Rickie knows it. Rickie says that isn't the point. Rayanne sips from her flask; Rickie rolls his eyes and takes off. Rayanne comes to stand next to Jordan, who asks if he can "see" her flask; she asks if he's got another beer to trade. He nods, and they head out the back door. Brian lowers the viewfinder to watch them go.

Outside, they lean on Jordan's car; Jordan upends the flask, then passes it back to Rayanne, telling her to take it before he finishes it. She muddles that he can have as much as he wants: "I'm drunk." Jordan is too, but "not enough." After struggling over the words for a moment, he asks who Rayanne's "here with." "If you mean Angela, she didn't come," Rayanne laughs, then adds sulkily, "Just like usual." Jordan wants to ask Rayanne something, but Rayanne isn't listening; she crabs that "it wasn't even [her] idea…to audition for the stupid play. It was Angela's," and adds that she "could never be Emily." Emily who, Jordan asks. Rayanne explains that it's a part in the stupid play, and sighs that "it was just wishful thinking, though, I could never be her." But which "her" could she possibly mean? "Angela…could be her," Rayanne says. Close-up of a pensive Jordan as Rayanne continues, "She's exactly like Angela, I…you know, she's so innocent, but she, like, doesn't, know she's innocent?" "Yeah," Jordan whispers, his eyes doing that drunken unsteady-focus thing. Rayanne says that Emily always says things like, "My, isn't the moonlight terrible?" "Yeah, she's always sayin' innocent stuff like that," Jordan murmurs shakily. Rayanne mushily tries to explain that she meant Emily, but gives up. Jordan asks if Angela likes Corey "or what." Rayanne shrugs with her eyes: "I dunno. It's hard to say." Jordan says that sometimes, he really thinks he knows Angela, "and then it'll be like…like we're total strangers." "I know," Rayanne sighs. Then she elbows him, jollying him out of it: "Hey, Catalano. It's cool." He turns towards her; suddenly, he's giving her The Look. "Hi," he breathes. Rayanne locks onto The Look and returns it: "Hey." He leans towards her a little bit; she looks from his eyes to his mouth and back again. He reaches up to brush a lock of hair away from her forehead, then touches her cheek with his fingers, and she rubs her face into his hand like a cat. At last, he comes in for the kiss, and she throws her arms around his shoulders to kiss him back, and the camera comes in at them from different angles to reinforce the sensation of intoxicated disorientation. Jordan reaches down to open the door of the car. They break apart; Rayanne sips her beer. Jordan opens the door and leans against it, leaving Rayanne room to get into the car, and he looks breathless and sick. Shot of Rayanne looking scared; another swig of beer. She wipes her mouth. She wipes her mouth again. Then, out of focus and slow, she ducks into the back seat of the car. Quickly to black-and-white, then back to color as Rayanne's silhouette settles itself in the back seat. Jordan looks around, then follows Rayanne in, and their silhouette disappears below the window line. Black-and-white of the same vignette. Brian lowers the viewfinder and twitches in discomfort.

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My So-Called Life




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