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Sidebar time. I used to belong to an email list about the show, and the ferocious debate about this scene never stopped -- what were Rayanne and Jordan thinking at the time, did they decide to betray Angela or did it "just happen," can we blame their actions on the alcohol, did Rayanne want to become Angela at that moment, on and on and on. Here's my take on it: we aren't supposed to know for sure. All we know is that two lonely kids got drunk and had sex with each other. That's it. But giving ambiguities like this one room to breathe is what made this show such a star.

Hallway, the next day. Brian drifts down it, looking nauseated; walking past Angela, he glances at her from under his hair, then keeps moving. Smelling a rat, she turns to look at him; he turns around to look directly at her, then practically gags and heads into a classroom. Past him, we see Rayanne charging down the hall, angry and hungover. Angela calls out to her, but she turns the corner without responding. Angela looks at the empty corner Rayanne just turned. AVO: "When you call someone's name, like, kind of loud, and they don't hear you, it makes you feel really lonely." That's so true. A second later, she crashes bodily into Corey Helfrick and gives him a bright and shiny "hi," and a second after that, Rickie shows up at her shoulder and gives Corey an even brighter and shinier "hi," and Corey tells them both that the Drama Club could use a few more people to paint scenery after school. Rickie enthuses that it sounds great, then curbs himself to ask Angela, "Doesn't it?" They both beam at Corey and tell him they'll see him then. Corey takes off. "That sounds like fun, doesn't it?" Rickie babbles, making brushstroke motions with his arms. "You know, painting…" Angela thinks he's just happy for her, and she says absently, "Definitely," and smiles. Rickie's actually happy on his own behalf, though: "Good." They walk off down the hall together.

Jordan's locker. Jordan starts to walk away, then sees Corey coming and does an about-face, only to spot Rayanne lingering around the Drama Club bulletin board, caressing the auditions list. He heaves a sigh to steel himself and walks over to her, and when she sees that it's him, she flinches and twirls in an unnerved little circle. He asks when she finds out whether she got the part. "Oh, I don't know. Soon. I don't care." Jordan does what he does best, i.e. looks blank, and Rayanne goes on, "God, my head is, like, pounding. I was really out of it last night," and shoots a glance over at him to see if he's buying it. "Yeah," he says awkwardly. "Me too." "I guess we both were," Rayanne says quickly, shooting another hopeful glance over. Jordan nods and rubs his chin, seeming like he's about to say something else; Rayanne nods to herself, firmly. Then there's "so" and "yeah, so…" and "see ya" and "yeah, see ya" and walking one way and then stopping and walking the other way.

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My So-Called Life




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