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In the hallway, Brian bumbles up to Rickie and tilts at the windmill of a sentence: "Is, um, is Rayanne, I mean, does she, like…is Angela, like…I mean, the thing is…" Rickie shuts him down with what's possibly my favorite line in the series: "Hey, Brian. Could you, like, pick a sentence and go with it?" "I, I have to talk to you," Brian grits out. "Uh huh," Rickie says, giving Brian this hilarious "step back, Frizzy" look as he dials his locker combo. Here's another favorite line of mine from Brian: "I mean -- I mean, I have to talk to someone and you're, like, the only one left." Another "ohhh-kay" look from Rickie. Hee.

Scenery-painting. Angela rushes up to Rickie and murmurs that he "will not believe…" but before she can finish the thought, Corey greets her and hands her a brush. She basically blows Corey off, and after he leaves, Angela complains to Rickie about "the number that Sharon Cherski just pulled on me." After a very brief hesitation that speaks volumes, Rickie asks all falsely curious, "Like what?" and begins to climb a ladder. Angela laughingly relates that, according to Sharon, Rayanne and Jordan "did it," and Brian has "proof of it, like, on video." As Rickie goes up the ladder, his face freezes as he tries to think of something to say that won't get the messenger -- namely, himself -- shot. Meanwhile, Angela pouts that she thought Sharon had gotten past her jealousy of Rayanne, but she guesses Sharon hasn't, "or else why would she say something like that?" Rickie, methodically painting a tree, decides to get it over with: "Because it's true." We fade out on Angela's face, locked, trying to process the information.

Jordan lets us know that MSCL will continue, here on ABC. Yeeeeaahh.

A shirtless, Walkmaned Brian is rocking out on his bed, singing "in my face" along with the lyrics. From below, his father calls to him that Angela is there to see him, but of course Brian can't hear him, and Angela comes upon the topless Krakow and says a quick "oh sorry" and turns away, giggling to herself, so that he can put a shirt on. "What are you doing here?" Brian snaps, diving into a polo shirt and yelling at his parents to notify him when he has visitors. "I need that tape," Angela murmurs, coming into the room and looking around. "Huh?" Brian's mother bawls at him that he didn't finish his oatmeal. Angela says, in the low voice that usually precedes weeping, that she wants to see it: "I have a right to see it." Brian asks what she's talking about, and Angela bites out, "Don't pretend that you don't know what I'm talking about, Brian, this is partly your fault!" "Uh, what? This is my fault? This is my fault?" Brian splutters as Angela continues hunting around the room for the tape. "Just give it to me!" she squalls, and Brian says no, he has "other things on it, okay?" "I don't care," she snorts, rummaging through his school bag and finding the tape. Brian tries to snatch it back from her, but she wrenches it away from his grasp and starts to leave the room, so he yells, "You shouldn't see it!" She pauses. He says, more quietly, "I mean, I don't think you really wanna see it." Angela stares at him blankly. "It'll just make you feel worse," he mutters, crossing his arms uncomfortably. She throws the tape on his bed and leaves. Great acting by both.

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My So-Called Life




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