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Hallway. The Our Town cast list is up, and Rayanne shoves blindly past the other students to find that she's gotten the part of Emily. Overjoyed, she turns to find someone she can tell, and spots Angela and Corey walking past, so she instinctively calls out, "Angela, hey!" Angela levels her with a glare and disappears around the corner with Corey, and Rayanne is left alone, the smile wilting on her face. An aerial shot makes her look very small as she walks slowly to her next class.

Chez Chase, Patty and Camille come in from the clothing drive; Camille suggests celebrating its end by going shopping and buying new clothes. Heh. The Cherski women rock my house. Camille, helping herself to a rice cake, then asks Patty for "the scoop," saying she hears that Angela and Rayanne aren't speaking. Patty feigns ignorance. Camille complains that "Sharon won't dish the dirt -- what happened?" but Patty lies that she hasn't a clue, and changes the subject to the restaurant lease. At the mention of Hallie's name, Camille makes a "girl, please" face, and Patty accuses Camille of thinking that Graham won't "follow through," but Camille says no, "it's that Hallie Lowenthal person." She lowers her voice to a whisper: "I don't like her." Patty says Camille only met Hallie for, like, two minutes, but Camille stands firm; she doesn't like Hallie. Patty rolls her eyes, then feels bound to mention that Hallie "has a fiancé," which of course Hallie doesn't anymore, but it's not that -- it's the fact that Patty used Hallie's ostensible attachment to a man besides Graham as a reason not to dislike her. Camille rolls her eyes again, and Patty shrugs that Hallie and Graham get along. Camille concedes that that's "a very good sign," and when Patty asks why, Camille relates the story of a woman who knew her husband had started cheating on her when he started arguing with his secretary: "If you can get that angry with somebody, there's passion involved." Ouch. Patty shakes it off, though: "Well, that's…not the situation, in my humble opinion." "Well, good," Camille says through a mouthful of rice cake. Patty hugs Camille and tells her she's "such a good friend." "I know," Camille garbles.

Oh god, the pen scene. I can't take it. Okay, so Angela's staring at the Drama Club list or something on a bulletin board, and Jordan calls out, "Angela!" She slits her eyes and drifts away from him, but he follows her: "Hey!" She turns around reluctantly. "Didn't you hear me?" "No," she says, barely parting her lips. Jordan chews on a pen for an endless moment, during which Angela looks like she can barely restrain herself from striking him, and then proffers the pen: "Here." Angela, revolted: "Why are you giving this to me?" "'Cause it's yours." "Well I don't want it!" she snaps, holding it out for him to take back. "It's your pen," Jordan says, ruffled, and Angela snorts, "So?" "You lent it to me in Katimski's…remember?" Angela goes back into glacier mode: "Not really." Jordan thinks it over, then tries to get a rise out of her by demanding the pen back if it's not hers. Angela grunts, "No," and stares at him, hard. Jordan, backed down, walks away. Angela slams the pen into a trashcan.

Cut to Drama Club, where Brian is rambling to a blonde about how he "was influenced by Spielberg, um, but I think my, my recent work is more like Tarantino, only less violent." You know, I can point to maybe three times when a cultural reference seems dated on this show, but that's definitely one of them. Anyway, Brian's smiling, but the smile fades when he spots something off-camera: "Oh my god." Oh, no. This scene is so very, very painful. No, no, no…ohhh, here we go. Rickie turns around, looking amused, and then Angela appears, made up, hair braided and crimped -- in short, totally Rayanned out. She asks to speak to Corey for a second, and Rickie asks, "Are you okay?" "Yes, God!" she snaps. Angela and Corey walk off to one side, and Angela adopts Rayanne's slippery body language before getting right to the point: "Do you have anything to drink, or anything?" Corey, shocked: "You drink?" Angela, miffed: "Yeah, why shouldn't I?" She asks if he thinks she's too innocent, and even though Corey says no, she grouses, "Well, I'm sick of being like that," and then with absolutely no preamble proceeds to maul Corey with a kiss, which he fights off. "What?" she snaps, and when he tries to explain that she's, you know, having a psychotic episode, she whines, "Why, is there something really wrong with me?" Corey tries to tell her that's not it, but Angela sniffs, "Oh, please -- can't we just get really drunk or something?" Rayanne appears and asks what Angela's talking about: "You don't drink." She pushes past Corey as Angela says coldly, "Get away from me." Corey leaves them alone, and Rayanne, desperate for a connection, perks, "Well, I got the part! I never would've gotten it if it wasn't for you." Angela, her back to Rayanne, mutters flatly that she doesn't "care anymore, okay? So just go away." "You're not the only one who got hurt," Rayanne says, and Angela rounds on her: "Well, forgive me if I can't feel sorry for you, Rayanne." Rayanne is on a roll, though, and storms over to Angela, squawking that Angela "lost a lousy, selfish friend, a guy you never really had, you lost nothing!" Angela turns to hug the wall, willing Rayanne to go away, as Rayanne goes on, "I lost a really…good…friend. I lost everything." Crying, she walks away. Angela rolls her eyes.

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