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Dancing In The Dark

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Dancing In The Dark

At the dance studio, the older couple is trying its hands...or a slower number. The instructor comes over to Graham and Patty and says, "Here's your free evaluation, which is easy, because you both sort of have the same problem, which is rushing -- like, ahead of the music. I would strongly recommend group classes. You should be dancing with other people." Patty protests that she doesn't want to dance with anyone else, and that she thought the whole point of the class was that they do something together. Graham tentatively backs up the teacher's assessment, and Patty angrily gets up and snorts, "He won't admit it, but he's dying to dance with other people." She walks a few paces away and turns her back, crossing her arms, and Graham reminds her that the class was Patty's idea, and that he "didn't want to dance with anybody." Since they're both standing now, and facing each other bitterly, the instructor leads them together, and tells them that the rhythm can't be too fast, nor too slow, and that they have to have the confidence to take the steps. Do you think she's only talking about dancing here? Because I'm not sure.

In order to underline the dance-as-sex metaphor, the scene cuts to Brian's house. Angela watches Jordan out the window as Dance Instructor Voice-Over (or DIVO) says, "Lots of people -- they try so hard. They can't hear the music." Angela screws up her courage and goes out the front door as DIVO continues, "Then, they start to feel lost, so they want to look down. Don't look down. It will throw you off-balance. And you'll lose your footing. So look straight ahead. Look right into your partner's eyes. And remember to smile." By now Angela has reached the passenger door of Jordan's car, and she leans down and says, "Hi." Jordan, sitting in the driver's seat, looks back and smiles tentatively. Angela beams back. Aw.

After the break, Angela's still leaning into the window, telling Jordan she has the money, and asking if he has her ID. She asks him, "So this is your car?" He tells her to get in. She laughs in a shocked, explosive burst, and says, "I can't. Go anywhere. I mean, I should stay here. Uh. It's a long story." Jordan says, "I didn't say [we'd] go anywhere." "Oh, okay," Angela says, and opens the car door...

...just as Rayanne, in the kitchen, opens the microwave and takes out a plate of nachos. Rayanne, with what appears to be a second beer, sits at the kitchen table beside Brian and distractedly asks about the experiment. He reluctantly tells her that it's a volumeter, and that it measures pressure. Rayanne and Rickie remind Brian that there are many different kinds of pressure, like air pressure, acupressure, and emotional pressure, and that the mouse itself must be feeling that it's under pressure, and that a really good experiment would be one that aimed to figure out what the mouse might be feeling. Brian cracks, and yells at them both to shut up. They look taken aback. Rayanne innocently says that it was just a joke, and that Brian should "measure [his] own pressure." Rickie asks, "So the mouse creates pressure...just by breathing?" "YES," Brian replies, exhaustedly. "I can relate," Rickie remarks. Rayanne asks him what the point of the experiment is, and Brian tries to explain what it'll prove, and what scientific principles are involved, and then gives up and sighs, "It's for extra credit."

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