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Dancing In The Dark

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Dancing In The Dark

As Graham gets a snack out of the fridge, Neil complains that Patty is so "touchy." He goes on about her hair for a while, until Graham essentially tells him to shut up. Neil looks expectant, and Graham heavily confesses, "I met this girl." Okay, he's making this confession in his house? As if! Neil says, "What? What?" and when Graham fails to elaborate, adds, "Well, I'm not surprised." Graham protests that he "didn't mean to meet her," but that he was "doing some printing for her" (is that what the parents were calling it in 1994?) and they started having long, intense conversations until one day "she grab[bed his] tie and said, 'I hate you. I can't sleep 'cause of you.'" He concludes by saying that they "haven't really done anything but talk," but....Neil whines, "You can't do this to me! If you and Patty get a divorce then what --" Graham yells, "Shut up!" because that's not at all suspicious, and Neil continues his complaint that he'd have nowhere to go on holidays if the Chase marriage falls apart. Graham ignores him and says, "I was supposed to meet her at this motel tomorrow afternoon." Neil snorts that the assignation is "such a cliché," and Graham declares that "clichés happen. Talk me out of it." Neil unconvincingly says, "Don't do it." Graham scoffs, and Neil says, "Well, don't. Look at you. I mean, you haven't really done anything really wrong yet, and already, you're acting weird. I mean, you went dancing." "I know," says Graham. Graham's fronting like this guilt is totally weighing on him, but really, you can tell he thinks he's a mack, yo. He's all, "Hate the game, not the playa, baby!"

On a bench in front of Brian's house, Angela mopes. Brian appears at the front door, and she reluctantly gets up and goes inside, closing the door. Brian walks down the steps and picks up the ID where Angela's apparently dropped it. Presently, Jordan's car pulls up again, and Jordan calls, "Uh, hey! Where's, uh...I mean, is Tino here?" Brian shrugs, and Jordan, indicating the ID in Brian's hands, says, "That's uh...I mean, that's Angela's." Brian kind of smirks, and asks, "Uh, shouldn't it prove that she's twenty-one?" Jordan says, "So?" Brian says, "So, according to this, she was born yesterday." Jordan suddenly asks, "Why are you here?" Brian explains that he lives there. Jordan asks, "Is she really from, uh, France?" Brian snickers, and Jordan waves his hand distractedly and says, "Never mind. Just make sure she gets that, okay?" Jordan takes off. Brian watches him go and feels inadequate as a man.

In their bedroom, whilst preparing for bed, Patty and Graham have a little scrap. She says that dancing wasn't so bad. Graham says she doesn't know what he's thinking, since she assumes he thought it was terrible. She complains about the "shows your ears more" hair review. He complains about the pressure to compliment her, and to lead. She advances her theory that working together is wrecking their marriage. For some reason (plot contrivance, no doubt), she's gesticulating with her porcelain Cinderella figure. Voice breaking, she wonders how it's possible that they're such terrible dancers. Graham says that it's because they've been together so long. I don't get it either. Oh, wait -- I do. It's that whole dancing-as-sex thing again. Patty throws her hands up in frustration, in the process smashing Cinderella against the floor. Ooh -- symbolic. She distressedly picks up the pieces of her shattered dreams...uh, I mean, "figurine." Graham kneels down and puts his arms around her, whispering, "Dance with me." She sniffles, "We don't know how." He murmurs, "We know how." See? The metaphor. I took English. I know what I'm talking about. They kiss. See?

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