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Dancing In The Dark

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Dancing In The Dark

Back in the hall at school, Angela glances around, wanders, and then stops, leaning against a row of lockers, in order to allow AVO to say, "The third kiss is the hardest to describe. It was this guy I met on the beach last summer. It was Labor Day." (And it is "Labor Day" and not "Labour Day," because she's American.) The crowd of students parts and a silhouetted figure appears: It's a tall man in shorts, with an apparently unconscious girl stretched across his arms. AVO says, as if we didn't get it, "It was the day I swam out too far." The lifeguard sets Angela down on the ground, and sort of crawls over her, only he doesn't go for her mouth from the side of her head, as lifeguards usually do, but rather positions his body over hers -- chest to chest, and face to face -- in what is decidedly a sexual posture (and one which, unless she's embellishing the incident in her memory, is decidedly inappropriate). AVO says, "That was the most exciting one." Their lips touch, and AVO admits, "Except it may not count as an actual kiss, since I was kind of...unconscious." Angela looks around guiltily, and then goes on about her business, while AVO says, "I've never had an actual boyfriend. I don't know if that's normal or not."

Angela catches up with Rickie "Suave" Vasquez and Rayanne "That Rude Girl" Graff. Rayanne seems to be telling Rickie a story about a girl named Dana Odenkirk. She enumerates all Dana's physical attributes so that Rickie can place her, and when he asks, "What about her?" Rayanne says, "Nothing. She just annoys me." As Rayanne complains about Dana's possibly-silicone-enhanced lips, Angela spies Jordan "The Object of Beauty" Catalano over Rayanne's shoulder (his hair much longer than it was in the pilot -- about the length of Daniel's from Freaks and Geeks, only clean), and in an overly animated tone, Angela demands, "Really? You think she did, really? You think she siliconed her lips, REALLY?" Jordan passes without acknowledging Angela. Rickie looks horrified at Angela's metamorphosis, and Rayanne murmurs, "Angela, he's gone. You can talk like a normal person." "Oh, God," Angela moans, and Rayanne says, "You have got to progress to the next phase of this. I mean, think of Rickie and me." Rickie presses his cheek to Rayanne's as she asks, "How much more can we take?" Angela protests that she doesn't want to look like she's throwing herself at Jordan, and Rayanne says, "Excuse me. People throwing themselves at people? Is, like, the basis of civilization." Rickie says that Rayanne has a point. Angela smirks, and then turns her head to ogle Jordan, leaning, while AVO says, "If Jordan Catalano is, like, nearby, my entire body knows it. Like one of those dogs that point? I'll keep talking and stuff, but my mind won't even know what I'm saying. I keep wondering if there's like, a term for this." I think it's known as "adolescence."

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