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Dancing In The Dark

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Dancing In The Dark

In the bathroom, Angela is muttering, "Oh my God." Rayanne says, "Hey, I did it for you! It's a good thing." Rickie backs up Rayanne's claim that "it's a definite good thing," and Angela demands, "Wait, you were there too?" Rickie confesses that he wasn't, but that Rayanne told him the whole thing. Angela opines, "I bet people can actually die of embarrassment. I bet it's been medically proven." Rayanne gives her a reality check: "Hey, worst-case -- you get an out-of-state ID, which you need anyway." Angela squeezes her eyes closed, then asks, "Tell me everything he said." Rayanne and Rickie continue with Rayanne's good PR, and Angela begs them to stop talking about it. Rickie and Rayanne comply, until Angela immediately asks, "How did he act? Did he act bored, or --" Rayanne jokes, "He flopped on the floor, uncontrollably, okay? Rickie had to hold down his tongue --" "And I wasn't even there," Rickie adds. They all crack up. Since I had this type of conversation with my friends well into university, I will refrain from mocking Angela's compulsive need to document the minutiae of the Graff/Catalano summit. ["Dude, I still have them." -- Sars]

They all troop out of the bathroom. Down the hall, Brian calls Angela's name (which, to him, is "Chase"). She stops, and he trucks toward her as AVO says, "What I, like, dread is when people who know you in completely different ways end up in the same area." He hands her some books and snots, "Thanks for leaving me your whole heart to clean up." Uh, Krakow? It won't be the last time. AVO says, "You have to develop this, like, combination You, on the spot." Brian stops, standing between Angela and Rickie 'n' Rayanne, and announces, "So, Chavatal, she thinks we're both working on my volumeter." Rickie moves to Angela's side and asks, "His what?" Angela tells Rickie, "It's this experiment. There's, like, a mouse involved." Rayanne smirkingly asks Brian, "What's your name, again?" Brian ignores her and demands of Angela, "So, you think that's fair? I mean, I do all the work, and --" "I never said I was doing it," Angela reminds him, and Brian yells, "She's giving you credit, so --" Rayanne starts laughing at him. Angela tries valiantly not to join her. Brian concludes, more mildly, "Look, I already executed the entire apparatus." "The apparatus," Rayanne repeats. Rickie and Angela smirk at each other. Brian says, "So, I think the least you can do is just help me work on it. Tomorrow night. Because --" Rayanne steps forward and tells Angela, "He wants you to work on his apparatus." Brian angrily tells Rayanne to shut up. Rayanne innocently asks what his parents would say, and Brian says that his parents are out of town. Rayanne says, "She'll be there." "Rayanne!" Angela protests, and drags her off. Rickie shrugs at Brian, and follows.

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My So-Called Life




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