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Dancing In The Dark

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Dancing In The Dark

Down the hall, Angela is still berating Rayanne, who exclaims, "It's perfect!" Angela asks, "As what?" Rickie interjects, "Excuse me, what is a volumeter?" Rayanne says that Brian's is perfect "as a place to bring Jordan Catalano." Angela shrieks, "Are you crazy? Were you raised in a satanic cult?" "She wishes," Rickie remarks. "Jordan Brian Krakow's house?" Angela squeals, giggling. "It's, like, against nature, or something." Brian yells down the hall at Angela, asking whether she's going to help him or not. Angela glances at Rayanne, who smirks excitedly, and Angela calls back, "Yes." Brian looks surprised, but cautiously happy. Little does he know that he'll be cleaning up his own "whole heart" before the episode's over.

After the break (a real break, this time), Angela leans her head against a wall at Chase Place and asks, "So the plan is...wait. What's the plan?" Rayanne comes through the kitchen and toward the stairs, gushing about how much Angela is going to love having a fake ID, and adding that she herself collects them. Rickie follows behind her, eating what appears to be a granola bar. Rayanne says that the plan is for Angela to go to Brian's and work on the experiment while Rayanne, Rickie, and Jordan "procure [her] an ID," which they'll then bring over to Brian's. Angela says, "In my humble opinion -- he's Jordan Catalano! He's not going to do any of this!" They all walk up the stairs.

Angela's legs cross in front of the camera just as Patty comes in the front door with Mary Kay Place, who's saying, "Sharon refuses to come in." See, MKP is Camille Cherski, Sharon's mom and Patty's high-school friend. Patty asks Camille what's going on with Sharon and Angela, and Camille says, "All Sharon will say is that Angela's been acting distant, so that she called her on it in the girls' room one day, and they both cried." Camille goes up the stairs, concluding, "Ever since then they've kind of avoided each other, and that's all I know." Patty mutters, "It's a mini-series compared to what I know." Patty, I feel you.

The slats in the banister morph into fence posts outside; Brian is rollerblading through the neighbourhood. He brakes and crankily greets Sharon, leaning against her mother's car, and informs her, "So, by the way, Chase is coming over tomorrow night to, you know, compile data." Is that what the kids are calling it nowadays? Sharon asks, "So?" Brian spits, "So...she's coming over! help me! So that obviously proves that --" "What?" Sharon asks. "That you were obviously wrong about the whole situation." Sharon gives him a second-degree whatever face as she says, "Right. I was wrong, Krakow. Just keep telling yourself that." He blades off desultorily. Sharon preens in the sunlight. Sharon, if you're this jealous of Brian's crush on Angela, I think he could turn it to you pretty quickly if you'd stop being such a bitter beeyatch.

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