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Father Figures

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Father Figures

Anyway, in her room, Angela sits on the bed, taking off her coat and listening to the stereo. Graham marches in and announces that Patty doesn't want Angela to go to the concert, and that it's his fault for not checking with Patty first. Angela snaps, "What?" He apologizes some more and says, "You'd better give the tickets back." Angela snots, "Why do you need the tickets?" Graham, terse: "Why do you need them, if you're not going? Just give them back." Angela lies that Rayanne has them, and that she'll be at Chase Place "any second." Graham says he's sorry, and Angela yells, "No, I'm sorry! She's counting on me to come, and I'm not going to do this to her!" Graham, raising his voice a little, offers to call Rayanne and explain the situation. Angela, much more shrill now, reminds him that this was his idea. Graham shouts, "I made a mistake! I'm not perfect!" Angela folds her arms and spits, "Oh, believe me, that's become really clear." He leans toward her, but she's closer to the window, glances out and says that Rayanne's there, and flies downstairs before he can say anything. Patty, still at the door, tries to stop Angela by calling her name, but Angela ignores her and tears outside, Graham hot on her heels. Patty asks him what's going on. From the landing, Graham asks, "Did she get into Rayanne's car?" Patty looks outside and reports, "She's gone." Graham makes a defeated gesture. Patty employs her most steely and judgmental tone to lecture Graham: "I cannot believe that you let this go this long." Graham yells back that he forgot. Patty shoots back, "Oh, come on! Why don't you just admit it! You want her to go to this stupid concert!" And so he does: "Look, I saw the Grateful Dead when I was fifteen years old. It was one of the eight best nights of my life!" Eight? Who makes a Top Eight list? Anyway, Graham continues by saying that it was something he wanted to give Angela, and Patty stomps past him up the stairs, ignoring him. Graham spits at the back of her head, "Oh, fine, leave -- just like he does!" Patty very coldly advises him, "You leave my father out of this." She starts to mutter something else that we can't hear. Graham theatrically cups his hand around his ear and asks, "What did you say?" Patty snaps, "It's not worth repeating!" Which is also just like her dad. Get it?

Poor, unglamorous Brian -- not granted the opportunity to attend a Grateful Dead concert, and hence also denied the opportunity even to lie about it -- takes out the garbage while an unseen woman hectors him to make sure the lid's on tight. On his way to the curb, he peers into the car in the driveway and sees Angela sitting inside, watching her house across the street. He climbs in next to her, and she explains that it wasn't locked, and that she can't go home, has nowhere else to go, and is "freezing." Brian deadpans, "Are you, like, meeting someone in here?" Hey, Brian made a joke! Angela mopily (and incorrectly) opines that his remark is "so unfunny." He asks, "What room?" Angela asks, "What about your parents?" He says they won't notice, since they're "balancing their joint chequing," and Angela spills the beans that hers are getting audited. Brian sardonically guesses that his are "getting a citation for, like, best penmanship on a tax return, or something." Angela asks whether she may stay in his parents' car for a while. Brian asks why she can't go home, and Angela recaps the scalped Dead tickets situation for him, only she adds the dimension of knowing that her father would be disappointed if he knew she hadn't gone to the concert. Brian observes that Angela's dad and his own are "so different." Brian busts out the salt, positions himself over Angela's wound, and asks, "Does this involve Jordan Catalano?" Wearily, Angela climbs out of the car and slams the door. Because that's inconspicuous. She starts to stomp off but Brian climbs out after her and asks, "Did you ever think that I could be doing something that does not involve you?" Like taking out the garbage? Yeah, she's sorry she interrupted you. Brian continues, "I mean, that I may not just be sitting around in case you decide, like, that moment, that you need my car?" Angela asks what he was doing, and he angrily admits, "Nothing!" She continues stomping off. He offers her his sweater, which she accepts. As she's putting it on, Brian mutters, "Just try not to sweat into it," as if that's not exactly what he wants her to do so that he can make it the centerpiece of his Shrine to Angela Chase. Angela bellows, "Why do you have to say things like that?" and as Brian's shouting something back, his mom yells at him that there's another bag of garbage inside. He yells, "I know!" Mrs. Krakow adds, "Tonight, Brian! Not next week!" Angela wanders off as AVO notes, "What's really horrible is being a witness while someone's parents orders them around. It ruins the conversation." Angela murmurs, "So, wait -- what were you saying?" Heh. Brian says, "Just -- you shouldn't act one way toward a person when you need something." As he's explaining this to her, the front door of Chase Place opens and Graham walks out with a flashlight, which he uses to illuminate the eavestrough. For some reason, Graham looks across the street and spies the sheepish pair. He shines the flashlight at Angela, who looks down. Graham looks disgusted, and goes back inside.

The next morning (I assume), Graham and Danielle whatever. Angela walks into the kitchen and brightly tells Graham that she'll take a glass of the orange juice Danielle just refused. Graham neatly slips past Angela, ignoring her and telling Danielle whatever. Danielle and Graham hustle on out of there. Angela takes the glass of juice Graham had poured for Danielle and poutily dumps it in the sink. Patty enters in time to see this, and mildly scolds her, "Orange juice doesn't grow on trees." "It sort of does," Angela notes, mopily, and then asks Patty, "Did you see? How he's being?" Patty chides her not to call her father "he." Angela thinks out loud: "He didn't want me to go to the concert, so, fine! I didn't go!" Patty points out...well, all the stuff about the plot line that we already know -- the misrepresentation of the trip to the concert, the scalping, the lying. Angela asks, "Well, why can't he just say that instead of acting like I don't exist? [voice starts to break] Dad not even wanting to look at me is, like, the worst feeling." See? How the shoe is on the other foot, now? Get it? Do you get it? Patty strokes Angela's hair and consoles her: "I know." Wait, that wasn't a consolation at all.

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