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Angela goes up a staircase, hears Jordan calling her name and following her, and completely ignores him! Wow. Eventually he catches up to her and she stops. He asks how she's doing, and she politely says, "You know. Life goes on." Jordan says, "Look, I was thinking about what I said to you yesterday -- you know, the thing." "Right, the thing," Angela repeats cheerily. Jordan says, "Yeah, look, I'm sorry about that. Afterwards, I thought it through [aw, he did? He thought?], and, I mean, I could see where you got upset." Angela says that she wasn't upset, and Jordan says, "I mean, some girls wouldn't be, but you -- you're not like that, so I just wanted to say, you know, I'm sorry." Under the circumstances, that's as decent an apology as a girl could hope for. Angela assures him, "No, it's really okay. I mean, it wasn't a problem. I really didn't think about it." I don't think that is quite true, and I'm right; she starts to walk away, then turns back and says, "I mean, I did think about it, and I thought, maybe what you were saying wasn't so wrong." Hey, she twisted it around on me! Jordan says, "No, it was really wrong." "Why?" Angela asks, and Jordan goes on: "And I just want to let you know, if it'll make you feel better, I'm just gonna make it real clear that I don't, like, have any real interest in you or anything. You know, so they'll stop saying all that." Angela bites her lip, and the bell saves her from bursting into tears right in front of him. Jordan adds, "You know, that I barely even know you -- which is, of course, true -- and that, basically, you and I mean nothing to each other. So that should solve the problem." The camera zooms in on Angela's face as she bravely says, "Thanks." Jordan walks up a few steps past her, then leans back to say, "It's the least I can do, you know." "Right," says Angela, her face crumpling into a ball.

In the parking lot, Angela puts on the hood of her jacket and spots Rickie sitting in the back seat of a car. She jogs through the rain to the car and hops in beside him, asking what he's doing outside. Rickie says it's what he always does: "I can't make it through a whole day in there." Angela sort of groans, but the caption reads, "I know what you mean" -- and I suppose that's the verbal translation of her non-verbal noise. Rickie scoffs, "Yeah, what do you need to hide from? Your life is perfect." Angela snorts, and Rickie says, "I'm serious! I would give anything to have your life." Angela demonstrates her poor sense of occasion by saying, "My life is so pathetic." Rickie points out, "You have this great house, parents that are, like, there, and no one bothers you at school." Angela very ponderously tells him that she needs to talk to him about the gun. Rickie says, "Don't." Angela busts out all the sage wisdom of her solid, middle-class white upbringing: "You can't carry a gun, Rickie....'Cause it'd be really bad. Tragically bad." Rickie tells her that he doesn't carry a gun: "I wouldn't even know how to shoot one." Angela asks whether Brian didn't see him with it, and whether that's what Brian will tell the police, adding, "This is really serious. People are going to think you're a dangerous person." Rickie says, "I know. That's what I want," like, DUH, Angela. Angela asks what did happen, and he says, "My cousin brought it in to sell it. And I got real mad at him for bringing a gun into school, so we got into this big argument, and the next thing I knew, the thing fell out of the box and went off. And he peed in his pants and ran away!" Rickie cracks up, and Angela says, "He did not!" Rickie says, "He did. Big stain." He laughs some more, and Angela marvels, "And that's what happened with the gun?" Rickie repeats, "That's the whole story of the gun." Angela's mind is blown, and she says, "And now Brian's going to say you did it." Rickie looks at her and says, "I'm telling you, I hope he does." Angela tells him not to be stupid, and Rickie says, "You know what's weird? I always think of you as Rayanne's friend. I mean, like, you just think of me someone who's just, you know, around." Angela shakes her head and puts her arms around Rickie as AVO says, "It's weird how something has to happen sometimes, to see how you actually feel about someone."

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