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Guns And Gossip

The bell rings. Brian sets his jaw, and goes into the principal's office. Mr. Foster ushers him in and says, "We're just waiting for our friends from law enforcement." At the door, he pauses, and nods slowly at someone unseen. Uh, dude? The set of The X-Files is thattaway.

In the hall, Rayanne muses about the idea of Rickie in prison: "Who'd supply his makeup?" Angela snaps, "Do you think it might be possible you not make everything into a joke?" Rayanne, clearly not at all concerned, tells Angela that Harlan, this guy Tino knows, has been arrested with a gun twice, and that nothing ever came of it. Angela non-sequiturs, "I would really like to be put out of my misery." Rayanne opines that it's fun: "Everyone running around, all upset! Rumours flying! Can't you feel it in your fingers and toes, like, being alive! Man, it's such a rush!" Angela smiles at her fondly, and Rayanne says, "Last year? That rumour about me and Mark Cameron in the orchestra pit during the talent show? I mean, in that case it was true, but man -- all that conversation? People writing notes? And they look at you different, like, trying to figure out who you really are. Like you're famous. Admit it. It's really great." Angela claims, "I don't know what you're talking about," but she's still smiling. The detectives appear and go into the office....

...where they flank Brian -- one leaning on the edge of Mr. Foster's desk, and the other sitting behind him. Mr. Foster says, "So, Mr. Krakow." Brian hesitates, then says, "I've thought a lot about what you said, and I've decided that the main thing, really, is to protect the school." Mr. Foster says that's good. Brian says, "I went to the bathroom. I heard a scuffle, then a shot. I came out. I saw two pairs of legs running in opposite directions. Who those people were, I can't say. And if you, or these men, or anybody else threatens me anymore, or pressures me anymore --" "Brian," Mr. Foster says sadly, but Brian's not finished: "I will insist on having a lawyer, and I will sue you for harassment, and anything else I can. And if you try to expel me in order to solve your public-relations problems, then I will reveal to anyone who will listen just who is destroying the spirit of this school." Mr. Foster stares him down, bur Brian stands his ground. I think I would say that if I were in Brian's position now, but I doubt I'd have had balls like that when I was sixteen.

At Chase Place, the family starts its day. Patty, packing a sack lunch, asks Angela, "So they still haven't found out who had the gun." Angela tells her to let it go, and Patty says that it's hard not being able to protect her. Angela, not too concerned, says, "But you can't." Patty reaches out to touch Angela's hair, but stops in mid-air and pulls her hand back before Angela, bent over and packing her knapsack, notices the attempt.

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My So-Called Life




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