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Angela wanders out of the otherwise empty classroom, still studying the note in her hands. Finally, the camera cuts to it so that we in the audience may read it, too:


I think there's a verb missing, there, somewhere. Angela shakes her head wanly.

A moment later, she's shoving her way into a crazy packed girls' bathroom, where everyone is abuzz. The girl whose locker was shot is milking her momentary fame for all it's worth: "I could have been right at that spot! I was there -- what? -- like ten minutes earlier." Rayanne peevishly snaps, "What is the big deal? It's not like anybody even got a flesh wound. A bottle of soda was shot tragically." Soda Girl ponderously replies, "Well, I don't want our school to have a reputation." "Like yours, you mean?" Rayanne retorts, continuing on her way to the mirror, where she smooths her hair and declares, "Everybody knows there's, like, fifty guns in school any given moment. The fact that they've never gone off before shows what a totally safe place this is." When the chatter fails to cease at Rayanne's assessment of the situation, she bellows, "Give it a rest!" to the room at large, and shoves her way against the far wall, where Angela is moping. Rayanne assures her, "No one's going to get shot, I promise you." Angela shoots her a "duh" look and Rayanne twigs, "Oh." "Who would write a note like that?" Angela whines. Rayanne wisely reminds her, "Everybody writes notes like that. We write notes like that." Angela claims, "Yeah, but we write notes that are true." "This isn't true?" Rayanne asks ingenuously. Angela insists, "We barely made out! You haven't been telling people --" "Oh, Angela, come on. Hey, Rickie!" says Rayanne -- rather unsatisfactorily, I would think, were I Angela.

As some random blonde with ratty hair gives Rickie the stink-eye, and he growls, "What are you lookin' at?" Rayanne adds, "I wouldn't blab about your personal life, I promise you." But she's a little too glib. I want to believe Rayanne, but she makes it hard. Rickie shoulders over to Rayanne, who pecks him on the cheek and asks him what happened to his shirt. Rickie briefly lies that "it got caught on a fence outside," and quickly deflects: "So, can you believe all this?" Rayanne asks him if he saw anything, and he says he was in English. Rayanne turns to Angela and muses, "Maybe I should get a gun," then leans forward and screams, "BAM! BAM!" The sardine-packed crowd squeals and does its best to part, while Rickie and Angela eye Rayanne warily. Rayanne asks Rickie, "What do you mean, you were in English? You were supposed to be in Social Studies." Rickie snorts, "What's the difference?" and asks Angela, "So what's this I hear about you and Jordan?" Angela bangs her head against the wall and pouts, "I can't believe this!" "Well, you know they had sex," says Rayanne, which Angela apparently would rather not have broadcast to a crowded girls' bathroom because she yelps, "RayANNE!" Rickie coos, "That's what I heard!" "You heard it too?" demands Angela, adding, "God, just shoot me." Rayanne cracks that they "could probably arrange that," and Rickie deadpans, "You mean you didn't have sex?" Angela pouts, and Rayanne pulls Angela in front of her and confides, "You have got to start thinking of this as a positive thing. I mean, this could help you get to the next level with Jordan! Okay, did he at least think you were a good kisser?" Angela tucks her hair behind her ear and demurs, "I don't know." Rickie asks whether Angela liked the way he kissed, and Angela snorts, "They weren't the kind of kisses you could actually evaluate! They were...introductory kisses." Rayanne declares, "You shoulda had sex with him." Angela has no response to that.

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