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At school, Angela and Rayanne loiter in the gym doorway, watching as some guys run basketball drills. Some guy goes for a lay-up and glances in Angela's direction for half a second. Angela hisses, "There, did you see that?" Rayanne asks what, and Angela explains, "That guy. People are looking at me." She crosses her arms in front of her chest. Rayanne insists, "That's good!" Angela repeats, "People are looking at me!" and Rayanne knowingly replies, "Ohhh, they're looking at you." A guy jogs away from the basket, checking them out; Rayanne grins seductively. Angela, guys are probably just looking at you because you're wearing little shorts and a skin-tight, v-neck leotard. They're guys. Get a grip. Or put on a t-shirt if you're that concerned about it. One guy breaks away from the herd and saunters over to say "hi." Angela says "hi" back and the guy moseys away again. Angela nervously cracks up, squealing, "See? What was that about?" Rayanne notes, "He said 'hi'?" Angela says, "That was not 'hi.'" Rayanne repeats, "That was 'hi'!" Angela argues, "That was a different 'hi.'" Rayanne catches on: "It was a he-wants-to-get-to-know-you 'hi.'" "From someone who never talks to me, has never talked to me -- would never talk to me." But, this guy -- do you and he, like, chat? Because I'm not sure what the relationship is. Rayanne explains, "Except now he thinks you put out, so he talks to you. See? I told you -- that note was good!" "Rayanne!" Angela yells, not angrily. Rayanne giggles and watches the basketball, spotting Jordan "Disputed Zone" Catalano, who, unlike his classmates, is wearing jeans instead of gym shorts; either he forgot his Phys Ed togs, or he just doesn't care. Call it. Rayanne muses, "Maybe Jordan started the rumour." Angela says, "Don't be ridiculous," but studies him, considering. Rayanne comments, "It's a very guy thing to do." Angela stares at her.

After class, Rayanne catches up to Jordan in the hall. After "hey"s are exchanged, she makes small talk about the gunshot. They pass a bank of lockers, where a student is protesting as a couple of cops search his locker.

Elsewhere, Angela comes around a corner and spots Rayanne talking to an impassive Jordan. At the muted sound of "Stop!" behind her, Angela turns to see a couple of guys hassling Rickie on the stairs. She and Rickie briefly make eye contact, and Rickie hurries up the stairs.

Rayanne flirtatiously asks Jordan, "So! Do you know what everyone's saying?" Jordan asks, "What?" Rayanne elaborates: "About you and Angela, how you guys had sex." "Who?" Jordan asks. "You and Angela," Rayanne repeats. Jordan clarifies, "No, who's saying that?" Rayanne replies, "I don't know -- people! She told me the truth, of course." "What truth?" Jordan smirks. Rayanne mumbles, "How far you guys went. You know." "Well, yeah, 'cause nothing happened," says Jordan. He starts to go, and Rayanne calls after him, "Right, so, like, how come it's all over school?" Jordan slowly turns back, and Rayanne continues, "I mean, you're not talking it up like some low-life derelict cretin telling everyone you did her, are you?" Jordan stares blankly for a moment, then shakes his head and books. "Just checking," Rayanne purrs.

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