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After the break, Soda Girl is cutting class by meeting with the school's grief counsellor, and saying, "And, like, right before the gun went off? I was thinking about how much I wanted that soda. Is that weird? Like, why did I leave it there in the first place? And what if I would have gotten up to go get it, like, right at that moment? Oh my god. I think I better change my locker." The counsellor struggles valiantly to keep a straight face.

Next on the couch is Rayanne, affecting a tremulous tone of voice: "Like, what happens when you don't sleep? Like, I haven't slept since it happened, and it keeps coming back to me -- like, just keeps coming back." She pretends to hear something in the hall and starts, "What was that?" The counsellor glances at the door, and Rayanne says, "I just keep going over and over [it] in my mind. Like, all my friends -- I mean, they go by that locker all the time. It's not even me -- it's just if somebody had been going by there, and gotten shot." She lets out a few fake sobs, and the counsellor murmurs, "It's hard, isn't it?" Rayanne swipes at her face and sniffles, "You don't think I could get a few days off, do you?" Heh. No one ever showed up at my school with a loaded weapon, except one of the rural drug dealers known as "Amoeba," who appeared at a school dance once, drunk, and waving around a starter's pistol. That's about as rough as it gets in the Ontario fruitlands. But my school was regarded in some circles as being cursed since each year for, like, the five years around my own time there, one student would die. When I was in grade ten, the kid who died (in a car accident, I believe) was pretty unremarkable -- not unpopular, but not popular, either -- and our school board called in a grief counsellor, too, and for a few weeks after his death, it was easy to get excused from class by claiming you were too distraught to pay attention to quadratic equations and really had to speak to someone about...I think his name was Mark. Anyway.

Angela moseys through the halls, and I think the sequence of this episode must have been rearranged, because Angela's wearing the same outfit she had on in the Brian-gets-hauled-into-the-principal's-office scene, even though in the episode, since then, she's worn the plaid-dress-and-wellies ensemble, and (in the scene where she yells at Rayanne for telling Angela's bidness to Amber) a black leotard with a flowery something over it, which is the same thing she was wearing in the Leering-Jock-passes-lewd-note scene. Not that it matters, really; I'm just sayin'. Anyway, Angela stops when she sees a bunch of guys scuffling in the hallway. One mimes pointing a gun in another's face.

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