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Brian's back in Mr. Foster's office. Two large, cop-looking men are perched like vultures behind Brian as Mr. Foster says, "You're here again because I wanted to hear your story, and Detective Martinson wanted to hear it, too." "But I really don't have anything else to tell," Brian protests. Mr. Foster is all good cop again: "This is a good school. We want to keep it a good school. Do you know what I mean?" Brian says, "Yes, sir," and Mr. Foster sadly tells him, "No, you don't, son. You see, I've got these officers here, and the school board, and the newspapers, and the television, and a whole lot of nasty, angry parents, and they all want to know something about what happened. And you're the person who knows that something. Right now you are standing between me and my ability to keep this a good school, and I don't like that, son. I don't like it when people do things to my school. You get my meaning?" Brian nods, almost imperceptibly, and Mr. Foster asks, "So why don't you tell us what was the noise that caused you to come out of the bathroom?"

If Brian has an answer for that, we don't know it, because the next scene has him walking dejectedly out of the office and into the hall, where Rayanne greets him: "Hey, Brian, how're you doing?" Brian snorts, "You actually know my name," and Rayanne chirps, "'Course I know your name! How're they treating you, Bri? Baseball bats? Electrodes attached to various parts of your anatomy?" "Excuse me, I have a class," Brian sniffs, and Rayanne tartly says, "Just remember what happens to snitches." Brian passes a couple of random, older-looking guys in a doorway, who give him the upraised fist of solidarity. If this incident has the power to bring jocks and dorks together, then that bottle of soda won't have been spilled in vain. Sharon suddenly appears at Brian's side and asks him if he's okay. Brian wearily replies, "Yeah, sure." Sharon says she's sorry he's the person who has to "deal with this," and Brian impatiently snaps, "It's no problem." Sharon continues obliviously, "Because you know, if you saw something -- like, somebody really had a gun -- then you should tell them, because if you don't, then you would be, like, part of it, and people are really scared, Brian. So you should tell them if you saw anything, and you shouldn't feel bad about that, because -- because people will thank you." I know that speech was really repetitive and inane, but I didn't think I could convey exactly how repetitive and inane without transcribing the entire thing. Brian is dazed by Sharon's incessant yammering and nearly collides with Gina, who tells him that the incident with the gun "would really make an important article for the paper," and that Brian and she should "do an interview sometime." Is that what the kids were calling it in 1994? Brian's witty response to her proposal is: "What?" Gina wanders off, beaming. Brian looks even more dazed after all this female attention.

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