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In Dreams Begin Responsibilities

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Rickie goes back over to the table with his clipboard. Delia gigglingly tells him that she "can't get [her] zipper zipped." Rickie efficiently sorts it out for her. Awkward pause. Then Rickie haltingly suggests, staring determinedly at his clipboard, that they "go somewhere sometime." "Okay," Delia chirps. Like, to a movie, Rickie adds. Delia would like that. She drops some tickets into an envelope as Rickie grits out that he really thinks they'd "be…good together." Delia frowns and says, "Okay, but, um…you're gay, right?" Rickie's mouth drops open; after a moment, he starts stammering, and Delia gasps an apology -- "that came out so rude" -- but Rickie says it's okay and gestures with his pencil and stammers, "I, I, I don't like, uh…" Awkward pause. Then Rickie has a "to hell with it" moment, chucking the pencil across the table and sighing, "Yeah. [Takes deep breath.] I'm gay." Delia nods, unfazed. "I just don't -- usually say it like that," Rickie half-laughs, and Delia smiles, "How do you usually say it?" "I don't usually say it," Rickie says quickly. Then, more pensively: "I mean, I've…actually never said it…out loud." Awww. Go, Rickie. Delia croons, "Wow," and says that she feels "kind of honored." Rickie looks sad. Then Delia admits that she has a huge crush on him, and Rickie smiles in spite of himself: "Another first." Delia goes on that she digs Rickie because he's "the most fantastic person" (word) and "an awesome dancer," but most of all, she thinks she likes him because "Brian Krakow really hurt [her]," and she goes off on a rant about how much Brian sucks, winding it up by saying that Brian "just uses girls and then tosses them aside." Rickie bites his lip, knowing as he does that the opposite is really true. Anyway, Delia is into him because, after The Brian Debacle, Rickie's sort of safe. Rickie jokes, "Be my guest," and starts to walk away, but turns back after a moment to tell her, "Uh, Delia? If I were attracted to girls? I'd be attracted to you." They clasp hands and smile at each other. Aw.

Chase Place. Patty fidgets and checks herself in the mirror. There's a rap on the door, and she composes herself and goes to answer it, but it's not Tony -- it's Jordan. Jordan, stumped: "Oh. Hi." Patty stares at him. Do you get it? That he's basically Tony, but twenty years younger? Sure you get it? Okay.

Investors' dinner. Graham serves up dishes; Hallie, her hair in a very pretty up-'do, brings them to the table.

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