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Chase Place. Patty's on the phone, burbling about "the best-laid plans." She hangs up and goes to the fridge to get more milk for Jordan, who's bellied up to the counter eating a sandwich. As she pours, she says, "Well, I have to say, from everything that you've told me? I think it's clear that you never really meant to hurt her." Well, thanks for that, Patty, but it's not like he went out of his way not to hurt her, either. Get your own relationship together and butt out of Angela's. Jesus. Jordan eyes Patty, sucks sandwich out of his molars, and muses, "It's like, you think…you're safe, or something. That you can just…walk away, any time." Patty regards him gently. Jordan gestures with a sandwich half: "Because you don't, like, need her. You don't need anyone. But the thing you didn't realize is, you're wrong." They share a look before Jordan asks, "You always wear this much make-up?" Ha! Patty snorts and begins bustling around the kitchen, filling Jordan in on the Tony situation; evidently, he's not coming because he has "a touch of the flu, or something." It's unclear whether Patty believes the flu excuse, or whether we should, but in any case, Patty rambles on about how Tony took a decongestant and "was afraid to drive." She pours Jordan yet more milk and snarks that "this was a person who drove so recklessly when he was seventeen that my parents wanted him dead." Jordan smiles vacuously and says, "Wow. Ironic." Geddit? Geddit? Patty nods.

Investors' dinner. Graham self-deprecates about the too-rich lamb and too-much sauce and blah blah blah, and Hallie cheerleads that he's "pro-butter, they need to know that," blah blay blug. One of the investors rises from his seat to interrupt, and lifts his glass: "Our compliments to the chef." The others at the table also raise their glasses. Graham is nonplused. Hallie swallows a smile. Applause breaks out.

Mr. K's Karmann Ghia pulls up in front of Chase Place. In the foreground, we see Jordan's car. Rickie lets Angela out and says he'll call her, and she starts to go inside but pulls up short to stare at Red. Slow pan up from Red to the front porch of Chase Place. Behind Angela, Brian rides funereally by on his bike. Angela, distracted, turns her head to follow his path.

Inside, the phone rings. Jordan pipes up that if it's Tino, Patty should tell him Jordan's not here. Patty's all, "Whatever," and answers; it's Graham, calling to report, "We're in the restaurant business. Me included." Flap flap flap. Graham asks about Tony. Watching Jordan wipe his mouth on his sleeve, Patty babbles that it's "like old times." Graham feigns "admitting" that he's jealous. Patty is, and I quote, "glad." Which is disturbing and wrong. They hang up. Jordan asks if she's got any more milk.

Back at the restaurant space, Hallie waxes disbelieving. Graham fondly corrects her that she "always believe[s] it," or at least acts like she does, but Hallie waves a hand: "It's just an act." She walks right up to Graham: "Don't you know that? I don't know anything." Then, more quietly: "Woooww. We did it." Graham repeats the words "we did it" a couple of times, and they hug juuuust a little too long. Over Hallie's shoulder, Graham is beaming; over Graham's shoulder, Hallie is drinking Graham in. They separate. They smile. Graham's smile droops as he looks back and forth between Hallie's eyes and her lips. Hallie looks at him expectantly and starts to tilt her head for easier kiss access. Graham's head drops forward slightly, but he snaps out of it just in time and covers with, "I'm wrecked, I gotta get home." A flustered Hallie's all, sure, whatever, we'll clean up tomorrow, and they put their coats on in silence, then share another look, which Graham shies away from with, "So, I'll see ya." He leaves. Hallie, thoroughly rattled, folds her lips guiltily.

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