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In Dreams Begin Responsibilities

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The street in front of Chase Place. Brian has circled back on his bike; Angela's still standing in the street, and she shakes it off and quavers, "Uh, Brian?" He stops, but doesn't turn around. "Brian, look at me." Resolutely, Brian turns to face her, deliberately keeping his face clear. Angela walks towards him and half-whines, "Um, that letter I told you about, um…Rickie said you wrote it." Her face is literally a smear of unhappiness. Brian gulps; Angela goes on, "And I have to know because --" "Know what, there's nothing to know," Brian interrupts unconvincingly. Angela takes in that too-quick answer and studies him as he flounders through an explanation about how Rickie probably meant that Jordan asked Brian to proofread the letter "for grammatical errors." Snerf. Angela gasps, "You proofread a love letter?" and then sneers, "Is this, like, a game to you?" "Um, hardly," Brian snarks back, but Angela doesn't catch that, and she thinks she has him dead to rights: "But you admit that you were involved." "I'm not admitting anything!" Brian snaps. Angela's near tears as she wails, "This is a joke, right? That the -- the two of -- ohhh, God." Brian cringes and looks away as Angela bitches that she "can't believe [she] fell for it," adding, "It's obviously a total lie!" Without thinking, Brian says irritably, "No, I meant every word." Oops. Angela stares, and Brian realizes that he bricked and turns to face her: "I mean, the person who wrote it, meant every word. Probably." He looks away again. Angela, very quietly: "Brian?" "I didn't write it!" "But you said --" "Forget what I said!" he says almost pleadingly, glancing between Angela's face and the ground. "Forget this whole conversation!" Realization has at looooong last dawned on Angela's face as she steps closer to Brian and murmurs, "How?" Brian buries his chin in his chest and decides to 'fess up, in a way, asking, "But you liked it, though, right?" Angela considers him tenderly; he continues, "It made you, like…happy?" Angela's lips tremble a bit: "Yeah." Brian nods, satisfied: "Because that's probably all that, you know…matters." Although he's refusing to meet her eyes, Angela doesn't move her gaze from his face, and whispers, half in sympathy and half wanting him to come out and tell her how he feels in so many words, "To who?" No joy -- Brian shrugs and looks at her, but plays it off with, "To, you know…the person. Who wrote it." Meaningful stare. It even looks like Brian miiiight try to plant one on her…

…but Jordan comes down the lawn just then. "Angela?" "Hey," she mumbles. "Hey, Brain," Jordan says, and Brian chirps a fake, "Hi," but then amends that to a cooler-sounding, "Hey." Aw. Poor, poor Brian. Jordan cozies up to Angela, who's avoiding looking at him, and whispers, "C'mon, let's go." Angela, still not looking at Jordan, half-turns towards Brian, but Jordan adds, "Don't worry, your mom said it's okay." He takes her hand, and she turns to shoot Brian a weird, inscrutable "hey, what can I do?" look before letting Jordan lead her to the car. "See ya, Brain," Jordan says. Brian forces out a bright "see ya" in response that clearly calls on all his reserves of strength. Angela gazes at Brian as Jordan holds the car door open for her; she gets in, and Jordan shuts the door, and she continues to look steadily at Brian. She looks away as Jordan gets into the car, then back at Brian, and she holds the gaze as they drive away. Brian, motionless on his bike, watches them drive past, and continues to stand there for a moment before we, and the series, fade to black.

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My So-Called Life




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