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In Dreams Begin Responsibilities

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AVO: "And then I wake up." Cut back to Angela in bed, staring glumly into the middle distance, as AVO says that after she awakens, "the storm of words still pounds through [her] body." Angela flounces angrily out of bed and grabs a robe as AVO observes that "hatred can become like food. It gives you this energy -- you can, like, live off it." So true. She heads downstairs.

In the kitchen, Graham squawks into the phone at "Shallow" Hallie Lowenthal. Danielle burnt bagel blah. Patty is reminded -- by Graham saying he can't talk about "this" on the phone or by Danielle's whining, I don't know which -- of "her entire dream," and Graham says he'll meet Hallie at the "space" at noon, and he hangs up the phone and exposits that "the money guys" have started to get cold feet. "Really," Patty says, concerned, but Graham's rambles on to the effect of "fuck 'em," to which Angela sarcastically responds, "Yeah! Go, Dad!" Her parents choose to ignore that fumarole of bitterness, and Patty asks whether anyone wants to hear about her dream. The rest of the family doesn't, so much -- Graham "meh," Danielle toaster blah, Angela can't find her mitten, flap flap flap. Patty, unbothered, murmurs to herself, "I dreamed about Tony Poul." A second later, we hear "Lion's" Sharon Cherski say, "Seriously?"

…and we cut to Sharon herself, slyly asking Delia "Grace" Fisher, "You had a dream about Rickie Vas-quez?" Delia protests that "it wasn't that type of dream." Sharon gives her an "uh-huh" look. Delia: "We were just dancing." Another "shah right" look from Sharon. Delia: "In this…big vegetable garden. [giggles] I was wearing this dress I saw on The Nanny." (Gardens in dreams mean love.) She stops giggling abruptly and asks how much Sharon knows about Rickie; Sharon pronounces Rickie's name in a thoughtful tone, then admits, "Nothing." Delia points out that he's, like, best friends with Rayanne "Boleyn" Graff, and Sharon is also friends with Rayanne. Sharon quickly and disgustedly puts paid to that notion: "I'm not friends with Rayanne Graff." Delia cocks her head. "I'm NOT!" Sharon snaps, makes several "uch" noises, and stomps off. Delia's like, "Ohhh-kay then."

Restaurant space. Graham is shouting at Hallie that she should have told him sooner. Told him what, you ask? Graham claps on El Sombrero De Exposición and informs us in a tone of annoyed disbelief that their would-be investors "want [him] out of the picture." Hallie doesn't see the big deal and calls said investors "insecure -- it's normal," but Graham isn't having it and whines at her that she should have mentioned it three days ago when it first came up and blah. Patty comes in; Graham and Hallie stop arguing and look at her, and she smiles hopefully: "Hi. I brought lunch…?" Graham snarks, "Great, that's good," grabs his scarf, and announces that he's going out to get some air. Hallie looks blank. After Graham huffs out, Patty shoots Hallie a questioning look; Hallie admits that Graham's right that she should have told him, but it is "unorthodox" for him to run a kitchen when he's never actually worked as a chef, and anyway, all he has to do is cook for them and "they'll be eating out of his hand." Still fulminating, she starts to gather her things to go back to the office "before they fire [her]." Patty frowns, then suggests, too casually, that it occurred to her that morning that an old friend of hers -- "an old…boyfriend, actually," she's at pains to note -- wound up in the restaurant business, and she'd happily contact him for Hallie. "Why?" Hallie grunts. Patty, momentarily at a loss, thinks maybe Hallie would want to speak to someone "who's been through it." Hallie, obviously only to be polite, shrugs, "Sure, I'll talk to anybody." Graham huffs back in to announce that "tasting is believing," and that he'll cook for "these money guys, and that will be that. Right?" Hallie, smugly: "Right." Patty, bemusedly: "Right."

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My So-Called Life




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