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In Dreams Begin Responsibilities

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Mr. "…" Katimski's classroom. He drones on about vocabulary words and reading about Grecian urns for extra "crediiiii…iit?" while correcting the spelling of "vituperative" on the blackboard. I've always loved that word. Anyway, Jordan stares longingly at Angela, who writes the words down off the board and ignores him. The bell rings. Jordan and Sharon both approach Angela's desk expectantly; when Jordan enters Angela airspace, Sharon eyes him down, then looks away, and Jordan reverts to awkward-pause mode, shifting from foot to foot awkwardly and acting casual as Angela looks up at him silently. AVO: "It's so weird when you see someone you just dreamed about. Like it's gonna show." More challenging looks from Sharon; more rocking from Jordan. Finally, Sharon leaves Angela to dress Jordan down, saying she's going to check out the extra-credit thing. Jordan can't believe they "have to use all those words in a sentence." Angela doesn't respond, instead leaning around him to see the words on the board. "I mean, not all in the same sentence, but, uh…still." Still no response from Angela. Jordan tries again, telling her he's "still doing that tutoring thing," and when he gets no answer, trails off with a self-mocking "yeeeeah." Heh. But he doesn't give up, telling her that there's "a term for" him, and right then, Claire Danes flicks her eyes ever so slightly, and it's a gesture that lasts maybe a tenth of a second but manages to convey "yeah, I've got a 'term' for you, too -- it starts with 'd' and ends in 'icksmack,' so fuck off" perfectly. It's tiny acting nuances like that one that make me wonder how the hell she wound up in shite like The Mod Squad, but anyway, the term isn't "dicksmack," but rather "rudimentary reader with low literacy skills." Jordan reels off the jargon proudly; Angela greets it with another virtuoso eye-flick, this one along the lines of "uh huh fine great now BUH-BYE." Jordan adds that "that kid Brain" looked it up in a manual, but it's finally starting to become clear that Angela's determined to freeze him out, and he stares off to his right, seemingly trying to pull something to say out of the air.

Meanwhile, up at Mr. K's desk, "I'm" Brian "And So's My Wife" Krakow himself comes up to Sharon and perkily asks how it's going and "how's Delia Fisher." Sharon shuts him down, informing him that he should stop asking about Delia: "You treated her like crap, and now she's way over you. She likes someone else now." When Brian conversationally asks who Delia likes, Sharon tells him, "That guy Angela hangs out with…Rickie Vasquez?" which prompts a doubtful "W-what?" from Brian.

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My So-Called Life




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