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In Dreams Begin Responsibilities

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We come back from the break to see Rayanne's pink-tights-clad legs, then Rayanne bent over double between them, asking Rickie if he really thinks she's unhappy. "Well, in my humble opinion, yes," Rickie tells her. Rayanne tells him not to say "'in my humble opinion' -- that's Angela talk, that's how Angela Chase talks," and rambles on about how happy and "up" she is, and we see Brian's sleeve in the frame as Rayanne pops upright, then snaps at Brian, "What're you looking at?" "Nothing," Brian snaps back. Rayanne stomps off. "Ignore her -- she's just a naturally happy, up person," Rickie snarks, dialing his locker combo and informing Brian that he put Brian down to sell Our Town tickets. Brian objects, saying that he has "no free time as it is," and just then Delia approaches them -- well, approaches Rickie. Both boys say hi. Delia gives Brian a "nice try" look and asks if Rickie's working on Our Town, and Brian dorks that Rickie's the stage manager -- not playing the part of the Stage Manager, but the actual stage manager. Snorf. Delia ignores him and says that she'd "really like to get involved," and Rickie says they need people to sell tickets while shooting a pointed glare at Brian. Hee. Delia tells him to sign her up; Brian reverses himself with a cheery "me too," and Rickie gives him a "the hell?" look before telling them that he'll let them know where to pick the tickets up. "Good," Delia perks, and heads past Rickie, but not before touching his arm That Way and twinkling, "Bye." Brian waves and calls after her, "Bye, heh heh!" Rickie: "[Whaps Brian in the chest.]" Brian: "Ow, what?" Yet another scene with brilliant timing that I can't accurately convey in the recap, but it's really funny. Rickie snorts, "Oh, you know what," and Brian makes a "yeah, busted" face before informing Rickie that Delia "has it" for him. "'Has it for me'?" Rickie repeats, a gratified smile crossing his face. "What -- that's, like, an expression people…say, right?" Brian asks. Rickie beams. "Right?" Brian prompts him. "Yeah," Rickie smirks, walking away. Brian watches him go, frowning.

Angela and Danielle openly eavesdrop on Patty as she flirts shamelessly with Tony Poul on the phone; Patty doesn't notice them. At one point, Angela mouths, "'Tony'?" Yeah, really. So, Camille Cherski gave Patty Tony's number blah blah doodling hearts on a notepad blah blah "I need your advice" blah blah giggle giggle. Patty hangs up and smiles to herself, at which point the girls burst into the kitchen, scaring the shit out of Patty, and start buttonholing her with questions -- who's Tony, why is she blushing, blah.

Cut to the living room, Angela looking over Patty's shoulder at a photo album and murmuring, "Oh my God, Mom, he's cute!" "I told you so," Patty smugs. Angela smugs back that she "can't trust [Patty's] judgment on cuteness." Oh, I don't know about that; Graham's pretty cute. Although that's Angela's dad, so…damn, where did we just go? Anyway, banter about Patty hitchhiking, followed by the exposition that she hasn't seen Tony since high school or "thought about him in years," but she dreamed about him last night, and we cut to Patty's dream.

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