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Life Of Brian

It's Brian Krakow, dressed to the nines, eliciting "oh my god"s from Danielle and Patty. I suppose he looks nice, but he's still no Hunkburger. Brian is in the midst of explaining the complex circumstances under which he and Angela are going to the dance together without actually going to the dance, like, together, when Angela comes downstairs. She is dressed, I guess, to the elevens. Brian: "Oh my god." Perplexed to find Brian all by his lonesome, Angela says, "So we're picking Delia up?" But the joke's on Angela, as Brian reveals that Delia is not coming, because she had to wash her sick aunt. I mean, you know. His excuse is basically that lame and transparent. Everyone knows he's lying. Angela rolls her eyes, Patty can barely contain her pity and mirth, Brian looks slightly more awkward than usual, and Danielle -- um, why is she even in this scene? ["Because Brian is Danielle's Hunkburger. Just be glad you don't have to recap 'Weekend,' yo." -- Sars]

Patty follows Graham upstairs, and finds that the bedroom looks basically awesome. The morning glories appear to be lined up and everything. Patty says, awed and surprised, "I guess we found another thing you can do!" Oh dear god. Smack. Her. The palpable condescension with which she notes that Graham is not a total incompetent would drive a less stoic individual to fits of psychotic violent mayhem. Graham just says, "You're welcome." That, my friends, is love. But now there's a nice moment. Patty says, "Did you see her face when he told he that other girl wasn't coming? Heh heh heh. They're gonna have such a terrible time." They share a warm chuckle at the expense of their daughter's tribulations, and it's actually pretty great. And then, Patty says, "Look. I know that you must feel like you can't breathe sometimes. Like I'm this horrible nag or something. Feel free to stop me any time. Look, I'll put a stop on the check, I'll call the registrar and --" But Graham tells her not to. He's going to take the class. Actually, what he says is, "I kind of have to see if Stefan Dieter can still stiffen his egg whites." I am not making this up. That's what he says. And then he says, "I mean -- thank you. For signing me up."

Meanwhile, at the World Awkwardness Dance, folks are grooving to the funky beat. Rickie and Corey are chatting over on the bleachers. Corey. The guy with the rainbow sneakers. Rickie is finishing up a funny story. We know it's funny because Corey says, "You're, like, really funny." Then he says, "Where's Rayanne?" The other brightly-painted shoe drops. Rickie's face falls: "She didn't call you?" She didn't call him. Rickie breaks the news that Graffy-Taffy will not be in attendance, and Corey, ever the poet, muses: "It's just weird, you know? When you have a picture of how something's gonna be, and it turns out completely different." Rickie says, "Yeah. It is weird." His heart breaks, audible even over the funky beat.

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