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Life Of Brian

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Life Of Brian

Brian and Angela have arrived. BVO: "Okay, this is the simplest thing in the world. People do it every day. Just start a conversation." Brian says, "Wow. Awkward pause." Angela asks him to get a drink for her, and he scampers off to do his master's bidding, much like Xander on the season premiere of Buffy. I will defend this as a reasonable parallel, because lord knows that if Angela asked Brian to eat spiders, or especially if she wanted to give him the funny syphilis, he'd be right there. He's her butt monkey. But I digress.

Slow song. Angela takes a lap before committing to a location. She greets a passing Corey (shoes, colors). She spots Rickie, dejected and alone up in the bleachers. Rickie heads over to Brian, by the punch bowl, to ask if he's there with Angela as friends or as, like, you know, a thing. Brian tells Rickie to keep his distance, implying that the latter is true. Rickie, though he must know that this is a lie, is too polite to call out the Krak-head, and pretends to give his blessing to this unholy union. Rickie stares into his punch. He probably sees his own sad visage staring back at him, from the misty blood-red depths of that plastic cup. What a world.

Back at the bleachers, Angela wants to know what Brian said to Rickie that has resulted in her good friend remaining alone, across the room. Brian: "I just said it was better that he maybe didn't hang out with us." Angela is mystified, but Brian is ready with a suave save, as per usual: "It's just...what if we...awkward pause...I don't know...if we wanted privacy or something." Angela remains mystified. Brian flounders, and also pauses, awkwardly. Angela says, "Brian, what do you think is happening here?" Brian plays dumb, but we all know he's carrying a triple minor, so that's not gonna fly. Angela says, "Didn't I explain what the whole reasoning for this was?" Brian somehow manages to make things worse: "I just thought...if we wanted to, say, dance --" Angela uses the voice that Rickie uses for Rayanne: "WHY WOULD WE -- we're not gonna dance!" Brian tries to rescue himself using the magic of philosophy: "It wasn't some big plan or something. I don't even believe in making plans. Whatever happens, happens."

Unfortunately, vague and irresponsible credos only work for guys with bad-ass cars, so Angela says, "That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard in my life." Brian decides that his grave is now plenty roomy and stops digging. Unfortunately, Delia chooses precisely this moment to enter Angela's field of vision. "What did you say to Delia? You don't understand people, Krakow. You're so heartless." Then she gets up to walk away, and spots Jordan Catalano goofing off with his moron friends over in the corner. She smiles beatifically.

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