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Life Of Brian

Techno beat. Female voice cooing: "Release me -- lease me -- lease me." A little bit of slow-mohair. And, oh, Angela? If Brian's so heartless. then how come I can hear his heart breaking, just a loud as Rickie's, when he sees how you look at Jordan? BVO: "I mean, the fact that she called me 'heartless.' That's just really good, that's excellent. How ironic can you get without, like, puking."

Brian heads over to Delia, to make amends: "I was really wrong. I see that now. That what I did was -- pretty heartless." But he gets nothing except the silent treatment. Sharon and Kyle come over. They drag Delia away to meet, in Cherski's estimation, "So many cute guys!" Man, could Brian's night please get worse?

Outside the World Crappiness Dance, Angela finds Rickie, who tells her that Rayanne never called Corey. Angela asks, "Would you like me to kill her?" (Homer: "I'd kill for you, Marge. Please ask me to kill for you.") Rickie declines, pointing out that she's the least of his problems. Angela tries to get at what that means, and, eventually, Rickie tells her. And the crux is: "That I belong nowhere. With no one. That I don't fit." And Angela just hugs him. It's quiet. He's lonely and scared. And that's all. I guess Kevin Williamson never got to this episode when he took notes on this show, but he should take notes now. This is a teenager struggling with the ramifications of his sexuality. Forget that hysterical crap they put poor Kerr Smith through on season two of Dawson's Krak.

The Catalano Crew comes out of the party, and Jordan breaks off from the pack, waiting kind of awkwardly for Angela to notice that he's not walking away. Angela and Rickie share a cute little snort at how silly this looks, and then Rickie again gives his blessing to Angela's love life, but this time he means it. She knocks him a kiss, and heads down to see her Hunkburger.

Brian comes outside in time to witness some pre-pre-foreplay. This is not so much fun for him to see. Release me -- lease me -- lease me. He goes back inside. Release me -- lease me -- lease me.

Meanwhile, the most cryptic exchange outside of espionage films is taking place between these car-crossed lovers. Release me -- lease me -- lease me. Jordan: "Why are you like this?" Release me -- lease me -- lease me. Angela: "Like what?" Release me -- lease me -- lease me. Jordan: "Like -- how you are?" Release me -- lease me -- lease me. Angela: "How am I? How -- how am I?" Release me -- lease me -- lease me. But Jordan's already gone.

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My So-Called Life




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