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Life Of Brian

Back inside the World Gap-iness Dance, Rickie asks Delia to hit the floor with him. And, as we hear the song that Will Ferrell and Chris Kattan have ruined for all time (What is love? Baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me, no more), Rickie shows off the mad skillz that will serve him well, in years to come, during that obnoxious techno number in Rent. Delia keeps up with him really well. They tear shit up, basically. Then there's this kind of weird sequence where Sharon is watching Kyle watch Rickie and Delia dance. Kyle is really into it, and Sharon seems a little dismayed, and I've never quite known what to make of this moment. But it's always made me wonder if Kyle is, in fact, watching Rickie. And when we next see Sharon, at the beginning of episode eleven, she's broken up with Kyle. Thoughts? ["I always thought the same thing. I mean, why else would he consent to watch A River Runs Through It so many times?" -- Sars]

Brian watches, too. He feels like an ass. Man, could his night get any worse? Please?

But then, just maybe, it gets the tiniest bit better. Angela comes back inside, and finds Brian. "This was all my fault," she says. BVO: "Her hair smelled incredible." Angela's still talking, though: "I mean, I ruined your night. I ruined Delia's night. I should have just stayed out of it." And she's not wrong. BVO: "It smelled like this orange grove we passed when I was eight, on the way to see my grandmother." Angela continues to basically babble, one might say: "And I can't explain why I even got involved. But I'm sorry." BVO: "But I guess that's just her shampoo. Or whatever." Brian says, "These things are so stupid." Angela agrees. And then something truly amazing happens. Angela Chase asks Brian Krakow if he wants to dance. And you know what? He says, "Not with you. Awkward pause. I mean -- I just -- I don't care about dancing. That much.." Angela says, "Me either."

They stand off to the side, together. But, you know, not together together. Suddenly, it's the worst converted gym that either of them have ever listened to light techno inside of. And as the floor fills with dancing couples, they just watch, because when you don't care about dancing, you're never, like, part of the dance.

It's kind of like wallpaper.

NEXT TIME: Angela makes the tough call between tonsil hockey with Jordan and Geometry Review. Let's just say Pythagoras gets no nookie. Also, Mr. Katimsky arrives, revealing that there was far more subtle prototype for Gayoda prior to Ethan with the eyebrows.

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