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Life Of Brian

Brian is in line at Big Guy Burger while Delia takes an order from a guy who's not all that big. Apparently, the establishment is branching out from its originally targeted demographic. If only this show had been able to do the same. Anyway, she's smiling up a storm, and BVO fumes, "I can't believe this. Apparently, Delia Fisher smiles at everyone. She's probably some from one of those small towns where everyone is friendly and smiles at you for no reason. I hate that type of town." Now it's Brian's turn, and there's a cute exchange of greetings, and then Delia's all, "Welcome to Big Guy Burger, where every guy's a big guy." That explains all the normal-sized guys in here. I wonder what she says to girls. Anyway, Krakow says, "I was just in the neighborhood. So. Awkward pause." Then, Delia wants to take his order, so Brian orders an Awkward Pause. Then he says, "Just...a...Hunkburger." He gets it to go, because, naturally, " know -- should probably go. Awkward pause."

Outside, Brian tosses the useless Hunkburger into the trash. BVO: "There's something about my life. It's just automatically true that nothing every actually happens." But, wait a minute, somebody throw the emergency brake in the Half-Empty-Mobile! Delia follows Brian outside. "Not hungry after all?" Brian says, "No, baby. Why order a Hunkburger when I already am one? Anyway, that was just a ruse to get closer to you, beautiful. Go to the dance with me." Oh, wait, no. He says, "Oh. I was told not to eat red meat by my, um, doctor, so --" Delia tells him she had to act all "standard" inside because of the watchful eye of her hawk-like manager, but she's glad he came. BVO notes that "somewhere far away there was a car alarm. One of those really annoying ones." Delia offers him a sip of her soda. Fingers touch. BVO: "But suddenly, it was the best sound I had ever heard." And there's a pause, but it's not so much awkward as it is rife with sexual tension. Cute farewells are exchanged. BVO: "So maybe this is what people mean when they talk about, you know, life." Brian stands in the parking lot. And suddenly it's the best parking lot he's ever loitered in.

I'm actually kind of looking forward to shows with actual commercial breaks, so that I can hunt and gather periodically while recapping. I want chips. Where are my chips?

At My So-Called High, Sharon and Kyle are hangin' by the lockers. Sharon's all, "When are you gonna ask me to the dance?" And Kyle's all, "I'll get around to it. Chill." Also, the actor playing Kyle does a really bad job of pretending to smile and nod at various passing friends we don't see. Anyway, Sharon basically pins him to the wall, and says, "Look, Kyle, I am under a ton of pressure here, okay? The Dance Committee, Student Council meetings, yearbook, band. I don't have time to worry about being alone at the very dance I organized." Kyle says, "Fine. Would you like to go to the dance with me?" Sharon says, "Yes. And if you screw this up, I will really hate you, like, forever." I'm not sure what the point of that scene was, except maybe to remind us that Sharon and Kyle have a really annoying and bad relationship, so that we're not surprised when they break up soon.

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My So-Called Life




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