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Life Of Brian

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Life Of Brian

At another row of lockers, or perhaps at the same row of lockers shot later from a slightly different angle, Brian does locker stuff. BVO: "My life is so ridiculous. I have to ask Delia Fisher to the dance. And I'll do it now! On the count of three. One. Two. Three." The bell rings. The crowds disperse. Delia flashes Brian a small-town smile. BVO: "Speak!" Brian says, "Awkward pause." Delia heads to class. Brian stands in the hallway. And suddenly it's the worst hallway he's ever been late to class in.

Rickie sits on a bench, smiling to himself. He could be thinking about anything at all, but this is TV so I guess we know he's thinking about the dude with the colorful shoes. Brian saunters by, and asks if Rickie is going to the dance. "Doubtful," says Rickie. Thinking, why go to the dance when I've got a private party for me and shoe-boy right here inside my head? Rickie asks if Brian is going, to which the answer is also no. They nod to each other in what I guess is the lonely loser salute. Oh, who am I kidding, I know that nod.

When Brian leaves, Rayanne comes out of a door, and we learn by means of subtle expository techniques ("Counseling is so weird.") that Rickie was in fact waiting for her to finish a session of counseling. Yeah, remember last week when she almost died? Yeah, the writers remember that, too. Isn't that crazy? They'd never pull that off it in today's climate of disposable plot points. (Hey, aren't Jen and Skeeve sisters?) Anyway, Rayanne relates the charming anecdote of how she broke down and cried when her counselor asked if she was going to the dance. She concludes with, "It was hysterical." She's a pretty bad liar for someone who lies constantly. She and Rickie have some conversation at Rayanne's locker, the content of which is totally irrelevant (it's about some girl Rickie is thinking of asking to the dance), because the point is that throughout Rickie keeps looking past Rayanne to check out that guy. You know, the one with the shoes. Hey, and in case we forgot his distinguishing feature, he's painting his shoes right now! Rayanne notes Rickie's wandering eye, and says, "Why don't you ask him?" Rickie says, "Shut up!" in that exasperated tone he reserves just for her. She says, "Well isn't that who you really want to go with?" Rickie's all, "Well yeah, in some, like, imaginary universe that exists, like, in my mind, but..." I guess it was existing in his mind over there on the bench, eh? Rayanne says she'll take care of it, and Rickie threatens to kill her. The cosmic dance goes on.

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My So-Called Life




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