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Life Of Brian

Her own plans in shambles, Angela must now go and ruin Brian Krakow's one slim chance at happiness. Her mere arrival is sufficient to drive poor Delia Fisher away: "See you Saturday?" Brian looks at Angela, guiltily, and then chirps back an enthusiastic, "Uh. Awkward pause. Yeah." Angela ribs Krakow a bit about asking Delia to the dance, and he shoots back, "Yes! In fact, I just wanted to go with someone, so I thought: her. So I just asked. It was, you know, that simple. She seemed pretty much blown away." Angela powers down the Sarcasmatron, and cranks up the Manipulatrix: "Look, this is gonna sound really weird. Rayanne's doing this thing for Rickie, 'cause he has an enormous crush on someone. And um, it's just this really delicate balance. And I know you're going with Delia, and I'm, like, really happy for you..." BVO drowns out some of Angela's babbling: "And as she went on to basically babble, it started to sink in that something truly amazing was happening." Angela is still blathering, "...that since we're neighbors, it would be sort of convenient if there was some way I could go along..." BVO continues: "When you stripped away all the blathering, Angela Chase was asking to go to the dance with me." Angela continues to flop around like a land-bound trout: "I mean just to, like, get me there, not that we'd actually begoing together. Not to go go, because you're going with Delia. I just need a technical -- way to get there." Brian, who actually seems to have gotten much better at feigning boredom and disinterest, says, "It's not a problem. I mean, fine. Tag along."

Some guy is hitting on Rayanne by her locker when Rickie appears and dismisses him. Rickie's all, "You invited Corey to the dance, with you and me, when I specifically told you not to!" Accusatory exposition, in case anyone missed the last scene. Rickie then notes that Corey has painted Rayanne's shoes. Because he paints shoes, remember? That's his thing. Rayanne says, "You want me to ask him to do yours?" Rickie shouts Rayanne's name at the top of his lungs, which I guess means, "No." Then he says, "Listen to me. This isn't funny. Now, you've driven me crazy in the past. But I'm willing to overlook it because, the truth is, I want to go to the dance. But if you say one word to embarrass me while the three of us are together --" Rayanne takes this opportunity to reveal that she is not, in fact, going to the dance at all: "I just don't think I'm ready for an event like that. I talked to the counselor, and she doesn't think I'd be able to --" Rickie shouts, "Who cares about your stupid drinking problem!? This is my life!" Man, if I had a nickel for every time I shouted that in a crowded hallway at my high school, I wouldn't need to write recaps for MBTV, I'll tell you that much. Rickie continues to spaz until Rayanne promises to call Corey, explain the whole thing, and make everything okay. Well, let's all breathe a sigh of relief. Rayanne Graff has things well in hand.

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