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On The Wagon

The Taurus wagon pulls up in front of Liberty High. "Just so you know," Rayanne says grudgingly, "I didn't drink that whisky, I poured it back. You can ask Angela." Patty asks her if she's had a drink "since that night in the hospital," and Rayanne says no, "swear to God," and Patty asks why Rayanne then felt the need to lie about the counselor. Rayanne, clearly uncomfortable, shrugs, "I don't know, I mean, just 'cause -- I wanted you to think I was okay, so you wouldn't mind if I, you know...stayed friends...with Angela." Patty fixes her with a look: "I guess she means a lot to you, huh?" "I guess that's, like, the one thing you and I have in common," Rayanne murmurs, unfastening her seatbelt, and Patty rolls her eyes, and Rayanne gets out and says, "Thanks for the ride, Mrs. Chase," and Patty tells her, "Apparently, you and I are in the same...courasse? Call me Patty." Rayanne nods, and Patty smiles, I guess at the situation, and Rayanne starts to take off, but ducks back to say, "Patty? Thanks." Patty smiles again, but Rayanne isn't finished: "For, life." She runs up the steps. Patty faces forward with a "what do you know about that" look on her face.

Inside, Rayanne nibbles a bagel and waits to turn in her late note, and she sees Rickie and yells for him to wait, and he sees her too, but he just glares at her and keeps walking, so she slaps the note down on the desk and says, "Here, I was late," and runs out of the office, calling for Rickie to stop. "Don't! Do not touch me," he tells her, and when she tries to argue, he rounds on her: "No -- I can't anymore! You don't know how scared I was -- I thought you were dead." Rayanne looks scared herself, and Rickie starts pushing her backwards along the hall by the arms, telling her at a near yell, "I was picking out clothes I should wear to your funeral!" He stomps away. "Ow -- Rickie, that hurt," she pouts. He turns and points at her: "Not enough." He keeps walking. She watches him go, rubbing her arm.

Later, Rayanne broods on a fire escape. Angela sits in the windowsill and rests her chin in her hand: "Hi." No response. "I've never been out here before." Still no response. Angela gets up and comes out on the fire escape: "So Rickie was really scared. I mean, I was too." Still nothing. "So, what, you're mad at me? Because I didn't get to hear you sing?" Rayanne sniffles that Angela didn't miss much, just Rayanne making a fool out of herself, "and you've seen that plenty." She adds that she knew Angela wouldn't come; Angela glances at her, then looks away. "I can't stand these looks anymore," Rayanne chokes out. "What looks?" "You and Rickie, lookin' at me, like I'm gonna lose control, like any minute I'll, like, go on some jag or something." Rayanne can't stand knowing what Angela thinks about her. "What -- what am I thinking?" Angela demands. "I'm messed up," Rayanne mopes. "That I'm too messed up for you to be my friend anymore." Angela wails, "Rayanne, that's not true! I never...I'm still your friend. Nothing's changed." AVO tells us, "But that wasn't completely true either. And we both, like, knew it." Rayanne smiles that "maybe it was easier" when Angela used to ask her for advice, like she did "before," and Angela bites her lip, then leans her chin on Rayanne's shoulder and says tearfully, "I should have been there, last night. I should have been there for you no matter what." Rayanne nods ruefully, then sniffles, "Miss you." "I know," Angela cries. "I missed you too." They snuffle. Rickie comes out on the fire escape, and Rayanne walks into his arms and says she's sorry. Rickie closes his eyes and hugs her, saying, "I swear to God, I'm gonna kill you."

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My So-Called Life




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