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On The Wagon

With much 'scuse-me-pardon-me-ing from Rayanne, she and Angela join Rickie in line for a movie. Banter about James Dean's Italian background, and Jordan Catalano's Italian background, and how Rayanne told Angela not to bring up Jordan, and Rayanne says she likes Latin guys. "Like me?" jokes Rickie, and Angela laughs, and Rayanne says, "Like Andy Garrrrrrcia," and Rickie and Angela second that motion as Rayanne adds, "And -- what's his name, what's his name, what's his name -- Luis!" "Who is Luis?" the other two ask in unison, giggling. "You know -- the guy on Sesame Street, with the repair shop." The others scream with laughter; Rayanne defends her choice, calling Luis "this genius, okay" who could fix anything. "You are so crazy," Angela sighs happily, but Rayanne doesn't care; she loves Sesame Street and she still watches it every day. Rickie says he used to love the songs, and he and Angela try to sing the theme song, but Rayanne stops them impatiently and launches into her own vampy version of "Sunny Day," and runs to the curb and performs it, complete with dance moves. When she's done, the entire line applauds her, and she blows them all a kiss and runs back into line with Rickie and Angela, and as she accepts accolades from the guys in line behind them, we go to The Ominous Slo-Mo Of An Impending Fall From Grace, and Rayanne laughs and grabs a bottle of beer from one of the guys and swigs from it, and menacing guitar licks sear the soundtrack, and Rickie and Angela watch Rayanne in slo-mo and their faces begin to fall. Rayanne drains a good half of the bottle. Rickie flattens his lips into a line. Angela looks at Rayanne, then down. Credits.

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