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On The Wagon
of a genuine greeting in history. Jordan makes a "the fuck?" face. Angela says that her parents told her Rayanne stopped by the day before, "but I sort of thought you said you weren't going to, so..." "No problem," Rayanne perks, chewing on a raisin: "Guzzled a six-pack, two hits of X, I was back to new!" Angela smiles a that's-not-funny smile. Rayanne burbles, "So, Catalano, how's it going?" Jordan stares out the windshield, annoyed, and doesn't answer. Angela rambles all embarrassed that Frozen Embryos got an open-mic spot at Vertigo, "you know, that coffeehouse," and Rayanne breaks in to say that "I, like, know what Vertigo is," and Angela blushes, "Right -- well, um, they still don't have a lead singer, so it's like, um, should they blow it off, or find someone new by next Thursday, or..." Jordan turns in his seat to glare at Rayanne, then turns back around and resumes staring dully straight ahead. "So Tino's still being a lowlife, huh?" Rayanne asks. Jordan turns around again and gestures with his pack of Marlboros: "Could you two, like...leave?" Angela shoots Rayanne a look, sighs, and tries to catch Jordan's eye to telegraph an "I'm sorry" to him but fails. Rayanne eagerly makes to get out of the car.

In the hall, Rayanne has a "brilliant" idea and proposes herself as the new lead singer for Frozen Embryos. Angela's smile freezes on her face; Rayanne urges Angela to "talk to Jordan" on her behalf, but Angela doesn't think it sounds "very realistic." Rayanne argues that she just spent a month sober, and that didn't sound very realistic either at one time. Angela tries another tack: "I can't just tell Jordan Catalano something like that." But Rayanne won't hear it, saying that they'd have "such a time -- you hanging out with the band, me...being the band!" She says that Jordan would do it if Angela asked him. "No he won't, he's Jordan Catalano," Angela snorts, not meeting Rayanne's eye. On the one hand, I can sympathize with Angela feeling sketched out by the idea, but on the other hand, it's not like Rayanne asked her to ask Bill Gates to configure Outlook Express for her. Rayanne makes Angela promise to ask Jordan anyway. Reluctantly, Angela promises. Rayanne goes spazzing happily down the hallway; Angela looks uncomfortable.

Commercial break. I have no idea what this space may have contained at the time, since at my house my mother, my brother, and I usually filled the time by arguing about the show.

Morning, Chez Chase. Phone ringing; scuffling over who will answer. Angela beats Danielle to the phone, answers it, then says with a barely contained giggle, "It's your boyfriend, Ryan," and Danielle...right, nobody cares. Patty hopes Angela can join them for dinner that evening, because they never see her anymore. Joining the family for dinner is optional? Angela complains that everyone keeps telling her they never see her anymore: "Rayanne says that, you say that..." "If Rayanne's not seeing you, and we're not seeing you...who is seeing you?" Patty asks, sort of joking, but mostly not. "And how much of you?" Graham mutters. "Dad!" Angela groans. Graham sarcastically apologizes for asking Angela a question about her life: "Whoa, what came over me?" Patty fishes for information about Rayanne, and when Angela says that Rayanne is doing fine and "was actually seeing a counselor for a little while," Patty says Rayanne told her that "she was still seeing" the counselor and gives Graham a worried look, and he shoots back a "don't look at me" look. A horn honks outside, and Angela tries to bolt, but Patty gives her more guff, so Angela says in a tone of exasperation, "Jordan Catalano is giving me a ride to school -- is that what you want to hear?" "Yes!" Patty says, gratified, and grabs Angela in a hug and asks if she's ever going to meet Jordan, and Angela appeals to Graham, which Patty objects to, but Angela plays the late-for-school card and wriggles free. She has to come back for her lunch, though, and she takes the opportunity to tell Patty that "it's completely over" with Jordan before marching out of the kitchen. Patty sighs that "it's finally happened -- I've completely lost touch with her." Danielle comes in and...again, nobody cares. Graham gives Patty a comforting hug.

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