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On The Wagon

Cut to Jordan complaining about how he can't face rehearsal, the "big empty hole where Tino used to be," blah blah blah greasy-hair-cakes. Angela makes consoling noises. Then, after a great deal of hair-behind-ear-tucking and lip-chewing and saying she knows it's probably a stupid idea, she hesitantly brings up the possibility of, "like, a girl" filling the lead singer slot for Frozen Embryos, "like Rayanne Graff or something." Jordan, in irritated disbelief: "Rayanne? Graff." Angela laughs, cringes a few thousand times, tells him to forget it, and gets out of the car. Brief shot of Jordan, pondering.

Rayanne badgers Rickie, "So did she talk to him? Because I hear they rehearse tonight, and I guess I should probably be there -- right?" Rickie not-very-subtly tries to discourage her, saying that the band doesn't even have a name at the moment. Rayanne says fine, then she'll give them a name, and "it'll be a totally new era -- an era of me!" Heh. I've always loved that line. Rickie gently asks her what happens if the band doesn't want her, but Rayanne doesn't see why they wouldn't -- she's cute, she's "a total exhibitionist," and she can sing "as loud and obnoxious as Tino." She reaches up to adjust Rickie's bandanna; in the background, Brian "Duh-nehy" Krakow eavesdrops.

Rickie doesn't want Rayanne to make too big a deal out of this, and Rayanne asks if he thinks she'll start drinking herself "into a stupor over some stupid band," and Rickie protests too much that he doesn't think that, but he "actually spoke to Angela," and it didn't sound like they want a girl singer. "Did she explain how good I am?" Rayanne asks, slightly taken aback; Rickie, fed up with trying to let Rayanne down easy, shrugs that he's just telling her what Angela said, and she should really talk to Angela herself. "Well, maybe I will," Rayanne snots, and stomps off. Rickie sighs, then glances quickly at Brian before slamming his locker and leaning against it. Brian walks up beside Rickie: "What -- what is it, what did she do?" "Nothing, yet," Rickie says with a mixture of impatience and sadness, and explains that when Rayanne's "excited like this? It's kind of...dangerous." He walks off. Brian furrows his brow.

Girls' room. "Rose Of" Sharon Cherski comes out of a stall and sets about trying to get a stain out of her shirt. Rayanne comes out of another stall, singing the Sesame Street theme, and Sharon gives her the usual glare of frank hostility. Rayanne, on the defensive: "What." Sharon, confused: "That was you?" Rayanne: "So." Sharon comments in a tone of surprise that Rayanne actually has "a decent voice." Rayanne didn't say Sharon could listen; Sharon didn't know Rayanne used the bathroom as her "private recording studio," snippety snipe snipe. Sharon says "ucchh" and goes back to her shirt. Rayanne clomps up really close behind Sharon and asks if she thinks Rayanne could sing "halfway decent," like maybe in front of people. "Maybe if you...dressed a little more normally," Sharon quips gently. Another girl comes into the bathroom, and Rayanne quickly moves away from Sharon, then turns back and poses Sharon a hypothetical: "Say one person finds out there's a way she can get into a band that, like, needs a lead singer, and say this person can sing --" "This is you, right?" Sharon interrupts. Rayanne tells her to listen: "So she asks this other person to put in a good word for her, because this other person, like, hangs out with someone in the band --" Sharon interrupts again to ask which band. Rayanne impatiently tells her to shut up, saying that the hypothetical other person is acting "all put-out" about the whole thing. Sharon asks why, wondering if the hypothetical other person wants to sing in the band herself, and Rayanne goes off on a diatribe about the other person wanting to do it and acting like a "real friend" and believing in Rayanne...but maybe the other person thinks she'll make "a complete fool of" herself. "So, this is Angela, right?" Sharon asks. But Rayanne sees the truth in the "complete fool of herself" part, and she grabs her bag and stalks out without answering Sharon.

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