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On The Wagon

Angela comes up to Jordan in the hall, where -- to everyone's shock and surprise -- he's leaning against a wall and staring into space. She wants to make it clear that she didn't know Rayanne would go to the loft, and she didn't mean to pressure Jordan by suggesting Rayanne as the lead singer, not that he felt pressured or anything, but just in case, blah bling blah. Here's Jordan with the punchline: "She's in." "What?" "She's -- in the band." Angela doesn't hide her dismay very well: "O-oh. I mean..." "It wasn't my idea," Jordan snorts. Shot of Rayanne and the drummer in a clinch. "It was his." Jordan pushes off the wall and adds, "This whole thing is getting...too weird." He walks away. Angela stares at Rayanne sort of resentfully, and Rayanne catches her eye and rushes over, squealing, "Angelika, I'm in! I'm an Embryo!" and dancing Angela around in the hallway. The drummer grunts at Rayanne to ask if she's coming with him, and as Angela makes insincere "that's really great" noises, Rayanne kisses her quickly on the cheek and dashes off, and Angela's smile freezes Patty-style on her face once again and she bites her finger.

"My So-Called Life will continue, here on ABC." My ass. Damn you, Ted Harbert. Damn you to hell.

A phone ringing. Fade up on Amber in bed, slapping at the phone with her hand: "What." Patty, way too brightly: "Amber? It's Patty...Chase, Angela's mom? Did I wake you?" "No, I always sound like this," Amber murmurs, then deploys the smoker's hack in Patty's ear before relating that Patty woke her up from a dream about Angela "and her boyfriend," and Patty interrupts to tell her that Angela and Jordan "decided just to be friends." "Yeah, right," Amber laughs, and asks Patty what's up. Patty says she called to ask "how things are going with Rayanne," and Amber tells her that "she's on the wagon, so she's completely no fun anymore. Just kidding. I'm very proud of her. Ooh, did Angela tell you she's gonna be singing in Jordan's band?" Patty laughs politely, takes a deep breath, and asks, "So you're certain...she's not drinking." Amber snaps to attention when she realizes what's going on here and murmurs icily, "About as certain as you are that Angela and Cutie-Pie are just friends." Patty catches her snap and lies that she thinks she hears her "other phone." Amber snaps, "What a coincidence -- me too," and hangs up abruptly, and Patty's giant phony smile promptly vanishes and she hangs up also.

Band practice. Rayanne, counting on her fingers to the beat, tries to come in on cue, but her mic doesn't work. They try it again; Rayanne does a few kooky dance moves and misses her cue. The next time, Rayanne opens her mouth to sing, but the bassist and the drummer get into another tiff. One by one, the band members fling down their instruments and sulk away, leaving Rayanne standing at her mic, confused.

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