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On The Wagon

In a concrete hallway, Rayanne stomps along, pushing Rickie away as he tries to comfort her. Jordan sings in the background as, nearly in tears, Rickie tells Rayanne it's okay, but she says, in tears herself, that it's not okay, "and now everybody knows it!" Brian follows them, concerned. "And you all thought I would screw up, didn't you?" Rayanne squalls, shoving Rickie in the chest. "Well, congratulations -- you were right," and she runs off. "Rayanne, wait!" Rickie sobs, then just stands there, catching his breath. Brian now tries to comfort Rickie, saying that "there's probably nothing to worry about." "No, there is," Rickie says, and runs off in the other direction.

Angela is in the kitchen with a bowl of cereal when the phone rings. She answers it: "Hello? Rickie? What is it? Rickie, please calm down, I can't understand what you're saying." Patty and Graham have come into the kitchen by now, and Patty gently takes the receiver from Angela and says, "Rickie, it's Angela's mom. [looking over at Graham] Start at the beginning."

Cut to Patty knocking on the front door of the Graffhaus: "Amber?" Amber answers the door in a negligee, and Patty sticks her head in, all fake smiles: "Hi...Patty? Chase?" Amber tells her impatiently that she doesn't have to keep introducing herself, and Patty apologizes for barging in -- she'd tried calling, but...Amber interrupts, "You know, I think we could be part of the same courasse -- you and Angela, me and Rayanne, and Rickie." "Part of -- what?" Patty asks sharply. "A courasse," Amber explains. "A courasse is a group of people who kind of get mixed up in each other's lives, in order to do God's will." Amber sits down at her breakfast bar with a Danish and says she got the concept from a Vonnegut book. Patty cuts to the, uh, chase: "Amber, Rayanne's been drinking again." Amber gives her a level stare as Patty starts to ask where Rayanne might have gotten to the night before, then interrupts her again: "She has not...been drinking." "Amber, I found a glass on our bar with whisky in it," Patty says, and Amber asks snarkily if Patty dusted for prints or ran a DNA test; Patty starts to say that that isn't the point (of course), but Amber sneers, "You think I don't know my own kid? How well do you know Angela?" Patty chooses not to respond to this, telling Amber that she knows Rayanne "is missing," that Rickie called her last night "completely hysterical," that she knows "this is completely inappropriate" and it's not her place to tell Amber how to raise Rayanne, "but I'm involved, whether -- whether you like it or not, and you can hate me, but I can't just stand by and watch this girl destroy herself!"

During this speech, Amber just sits and sucks her teeth while the kettle boils; at the end of it, Rayanne emerges wearing fatigue pajamas and asks if Amber's going to "turn that damn thing off." "Rayanne?" Patty asks, baffled, adding lamely that she doesn't understand -- "Rickie said you were gone." "She was right here, of course, where else would she be?" Amber grits out, saying that they ate cookie dough and turned the phone off. She kisses Rayanne on the forehead and tells her she doesn't have to go to school. Rayanne says she wants to: "Rickie probably had, like, fourteen heart attacks." She goes off to get dressed. Patty opens and closes her mouth about twenty times before offering to give Rayanne a ride to school. "I'll write her a late note," Amber says, not looking at Patty. Patty gets up and starts to say something, but Amber shoots her down: "I'm a good mother. I'm a damn good mother, so you can just get right off your high horse." Patty closes her eyes wearily.

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