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Other People's Mothers

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Other People's Mothers

Maybe here there was an ad for Forrest Gump. Man, that movie has a good soundtrack. Too bad it's a thinly veiled allegory for staunchly Republican values.

Angela and Rickie carry Rayanne into the bathroom and splash water on her face, trying to keep her awake. Rickie is at a loss. Angela says, "I know what to do."

At the party where no one is dying of alcohol poisoning, Graham is looking at pictures of fish, and Patty is listening to some anecdote about a Chinese restaurant. The phone rings. Slow-mohair. Psychic mother powers kick in, and when Vivian answers the phone, Patty seems to know, instinctively, that it is her daughter in need of help. And we get what is, in spirit, the exact opposite of that other scene:

Patty: "Angela?"
Angela: "Mommy, I really need you."
Patty: "Mom?"
Vivian: "It's all right. Go."
Patty: "Tell Graham?"
Vivian: "Go."
Patty goes.

Patty enters the party, where someone is dying in high gear. She's already called an ambulance. She grills Rickie on what Rayanne took: a lot of alcohol and two hits of X. Rickie is falling apart, so Patty sends him for a blanket. She succeeds in waking Rayanne up, so Rayanne shoves her and says, "I don't like you!" Which is what I always do when someone wakes me up, but I'd like to think that if they were saving my life I might at least leave out the shove.

Patty relays Rayanne's situation to the paramedics when they arrive, and give them the remaining hit of ecstasy, so they'll know what Rayanne took. She send Rickie to ride in the ambulance, and takes Angela to the hospital herself. All in all, this is a slightly more effective one-minute-parenting performance than the one we saw before.

In the hospital waiting room, Rickie brings Patty some chips. The two have a moment alone while Angela's in the ladies room, so Rickie says, "Mrs. Chase, I really appreciate what you did tonight." "That's okay," says Patty. Rickie says, "Has there ever been someone..." And he stops, because if he says any more he'll clearly start to cry. Patty says, "What?" And Rickie does choke up, and he says, "Did you ever try to protect someone so much that it, like, hurt?" Patty can't pass up an opportunity to appear wise, and says, "That wasn't your beer the other day, was it?" As though Rayanne's condition isn't a big enough clue, there's also the fact that Angela TOLD YOU that Rickie doesn't drink, but congratulations, Mr. Starr. A doctor tells them they can see Rayanne, and Patty stays behind to wait for Angela, so Rickie can go in first.

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