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Other People's Mothers

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Other People's Mothers

Angela is doing a Tarot reading for Danielle, but when prompted to ask a question, Danielle comes up with, "Does Justin Conley like Karen Kligman?" Angela tells her that that's not an important question, but Danielle points out that it is to Karen Kligman. Heh. Shaking her head with the eternal transcendent wisdom that holding a deck of Tarot cards for two hours has bestowed upon her, Angela says, "You have to treat these cards...with respect." Patty suggests that Angela make some streamers for the party, and also move all the furniture and clear behind it. "You expect me to move furniture?" And, actually, that's more something you ask your kid to help you with than to do on their own, isn't it? Yes, my daughter, I'll be over here, but could you lift that couch for me? Danielle asks, "Is Grandma going to drive everyone crazy like she did on Thanksgiving?" Ah, out of the mouths of babes. Instead of saying, "Yes," Patty says, "What on earth does that mean?" Graham doesn't want her to get away with that and says, "It's a fairly straightforward question." Changing the subject to avoid feeling anything in her tin heart, Patty tells Graham that she found an interesting recipe for skinless, no-fat chicken. Mmmmm. Chef Chase is immediately enraged: "You can't cook chicken without the skin; that's where all the flavor is." But Patty has already stormed out of the room at the first hint of resistance. But now she's back, espousing her famous doctrine of enforced cheer, telling everyone to pitch in, because this really could kind of fun, sort of, a little bit, maybe. Angela says, "Well I hope so, because life was created to be lived." Patty says, "Was that on a Tarot card?" Cowed that her new infatuation with all things Amber is so transparent, Angela agrees to go make some streamers. She conspicuously leaves out any mention of the furniture moving.

My So-Called High. The bathroom. Rayanne says chidingly to Rickie, "I thought you said you were never again gonna hang in the girls' room." Rickie's response is, "Never say never." Which I'd buy as his philosophy if he weren't always saying things like, "I'll never be happy. I belong nowhere. I'm never meant to fit in." Sharon enters, having a hair crisis, and Rayanne begins to dig into her purse for some mousse, spilling out her birthday money, sloppily. Rickie gets all after-school-special, and says, "Rayanne, how much have you had to drink today?" Sharon says, "She's been drinking?" Oh, get off your puritanical high-horse. Rayanne mockingly says, "There's no drinking in school! Don't you know that?" as she waves a fake-admonishing finger (i.e. the admonishment is fake, not the finger). Then she hands Sharon some money and tells her to buy a wig, and finds her own joke to be the funniest thing ever. Rayanne is clearly in stage one or two of drunkenness. (Stage one, dumb jokes. Stage two, amusing self to no end.) She will familiarize herself with later, less pleasant stages soon enough. Rayanne tries to give Rickie the rest of the money, but he won't take it, and his desperation is painfully clear as he tries to be helpful: "Rayanne you should buy yourself something. I mean, think. What do you need? You need you make-up. Make-up goes bad, you know? It does. It spoils. And you need new CDs because the ones you have suck. And you could definitely use a leather jacket." Rayanne's response is, "Rickie, you're brilliant! A party!" Stage three: the drunk only hears what she wants to hear.

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My So-Called Life




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