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Other People's Mothers

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Other People's Mothers

Out in the hallway, Rayanne is working out the kinks in "Rickie's" plan. "Like an event. Like a memory I'll have the rest of my life." Rickie says, "Like Tino's party?" Rayanne says, "Only endless! Like infini-nity [sic]. Where so much is going on at every second that there's no possibility for your mind to wander and you become, like, this prisoner of happiness. Yeah!" That sounds totally healthy. Oh, wait. No. It sounds like the frigging textbook definition of unhealthy.

Chase Place. Grandma continues to drive everyone crazy. The next step, apparently, is to bring a giant turkey into the kitchen, along with a huge bag of other extra food items. She tells Patty to go about her normal routine, that she'll handle putting it all away, but Patty knows that shoving a bunch of giant crap into the fridge amounts to pillaging the king's domain so, to her credit, she says, "Mom, here's the thing. Graham is very emotional about food when he's cooking it." Grandma says, "Emotional...about food?" with an expression that suggests Graham would have to be a maniac to have passions that differ from her own. Patty remains steadfast for five more seconds: "Yes, he's got very strong, you know, feelings about meals in terms of preparing them." Grandma points out that it's only a turkey, but then again, Evil Grandma, that would constitute food, right? The thing you've just been told Graham is emotional about? Right? Good. Patty says, "Mom, it's huge -- it's going to need it's own room." But she's already backed down by the time Grandma says, "I wanted to contribute something," while putting the monstrosity right into Graham's sacred conclave. Probably on top of the sex-mustard. Patty leaves the room, because there are emotions inside of it.

And now, something this show wisely avoided most of the time: a montage underneath a hit song. Rayanne drunkenly passes out a gazillion flyers for her party, inviting a whole cross-section of the school, while Toad the Wet Sprocket sings "Fall Down." A good song, sure, which does, I guess, include the lyric, "She said, 'I'm fine, I'm okay,' covering up her trembling hands." That's Rayanne to a tee. But still, a cheesy device, am I right? Lesser shows can do this. Anyway, there's slow-mohair, and Sharon looks on disapprovingly, and the highlight is that we see a split-second of Tino's back (I assume it's Tino), while he and Rayanne are making out in a car. ["I don't get the impression that Rayanne and Tino ever hooked up, but that's an interesting theory." -- Sars]

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