My So-Called Life

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Time passes. More people have arrived. Rickie is now leaning against a wall, and we see that they're in an alley, still waiting for Tino. Angela and Rayanne are sitting on the ground, comparing their feet. Angela compliments Rayanne's feet, marveling at "how thin [they] are," and Rayanne slurs that Angela's are little. Angela argues that her feet are fat. I think all of us women have had a conversation as inane as this at one time or another. ["And then there's the two of us, who have them daily. Heh." -- Sars] Rayanne excitedly says, "Let's trade shoes!" and they do.

More time passes. Now they're out in the parking lot. Rickie asks, "If you were about to do it, okay, what would you want the person to say, like, right before?" Much more drunk, Rayanne offers, "'This won't take long.'" Rickie asks her to be serious, and she tries, "'Don't I know you?'" Rickie clarifies, "No, for real. Like, romantic." Angela muses, then says, "'You're so beautiful, it hurts to look at you.'" "'It hurts to look at you'?" Rayanne repeats incredulously, and Rickie appreciatively asks, "How'd you think of that?" Rayanne bursts out laughing: "Where would it hurt?" Rickie tells Angela, "I really like that!" Rayanne says, "Well, I'm going to tell Jordan," and totters off as fast as she can manage in her too-tall shoes, liquor bottle in hand, calling Jordan's name. Angela follows, giggling. Rayanne runs chest-first into a guy who looks to be in his mid-twenties. Rayanne asks him, "Could you get us in? Our friend's in there, he's got my keys." Too-Old Guy asks, "So, what? They wouldn't let you in?" No one answers, and T-OG asks, "How old are you guys?" When no one answers, the two Too-Old Guys brush past, then Too-Old Guy (the first) asks, "Do you want to go somewhere?" Rayanne consults with Angela, who says, "I don't know." As Rayanne checks with Rickie, Too-Old Guy's Friend, says, "They're really young; is that, like, kidnapping or something?" T-OG notices that Rickie's being polled for his opinion, too, and says that the invitation only extends to Angela and Rayanne. Angela says she won't leave Rickie alone, and Rayanne chirps, "Rickie don't mind!" "I don't mind," Rickie assures her, sadly, and hangs back. T-OG tells Rayanne to come to him, since he wants to ask her something. Rayanne tells him to ask her from there. T-OGF opines that Rayanne and Angela are too young; Rayanne continues flirting drunkenly: "I don't take orders, and I'm not stupid." T-OG notes, "But you came when I called, didn't you?" Rayanne stares him down, then makes to go; T-OG seizes her by the upper arms and shoves her up against the side of a mini-van. AVO marvels, "Something was actually happening. But it was too actual." T-OG starts molesting Rayanne, who tries to wriggle away. T-OGF tells T-OG to leave her alone, and Angela runs up to get T-OG off Rayanne. T-OG flings Rayanne on the ground and yells at Angela, "What's your problem?" T-OGF tries to calm him down, and Angela goes over to see if Rayanne's okay. Now Rayanne is an angry drunk, and she yells, "Hey, I take care of myself, okay?" She hurls her bottle at the van, and T-OG goes nuts, yelling at Rayanne, "You're dead!" while T-OGF restrains him and just tries to get them to leave. It starts to rain. Rickie pulls Angela aside and murmurs, "She won't remember this tomorrow. She blacks out when she drinks." A cop with a flashlight appears and shines it in T-OG's face. Rickie tells Angela, "I gotta go," kisses her on the cheek, and slips away. The cop asks the T-O twins if they know Angela and Rayanne.

In the next moment, the cop is leading Rayanne and Angela to a squad car. Rayanne chirps, "Oh, perfect! 'Cause we need a ride." Rayanne gets in first, and the cop tells Angela, "Relax. I'm not arresting you." What could he arrest her for? Loitering? Rayanne asks him to "do the siren," but he declines, and gently pushes her down by the top of her head. As soon as she sits down, she starts shrieking and pointing, "Oh my God, Angela! Oh my God!" It's Jordan, climbing out of a convertible with a passel of his burnout buddies. Angela gets in the car, beaming, as Jordan says, to no one in particular, "Hey, I know that girl!" They stare at each other, and Jordan yells, "Angela!" Well, he knows more about her already than most of my high-school crushes knew about me.

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My So-Called Life




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