My So-Called Life

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The squad car pulls up in front of a duplex. Inside the car, Rayanne dozes on Angela's shoulder. When the car stops, she rouses herself and slurs at Angela, "I knew what I was doing back there, you know." "Okay," Angela replies obligingly. Rayanne continues, "I'll out for you. Okay. I'll always be there for you, so, don't worry, okay?" "I won't," Angela says. The cop opens Rayanne's door, and Rayanne adds, "And, you know, with your hair like that? It hurts to look at you." Angela smiles queerly, and Rayanne sort of giggles. Angela watches as the cop helps Rayanne up the stairs, and AVO says, "At Rayanne's house, no one was home."

The squad car pulls up beside a house in a plainly better neighbourhood. As the camera pulls back, we see Brian in the foreground, sitting in a tree, reading by the light of a flashlight. We cut inside the car, where the cop turns around and says, "Well, I never read the book." Angela effusively says, "Oh, the book is really....See, it's this diary? Of her life. See, these Nazis were going to kill her, so whatever she'd been like with her friends, or her teachers -- well, that was just over. She was hiding. But in this other way, she wasn't. She, like, stopped hiding. She was free!" The cop puts on his authoritarian expression, and Angela's face falls. The cop commands her, "Don't do this again. You got that?" Angela begs, "Could you please not come to my door?" The cop says nothing, and gets out to open her door. As he's walking around the car, he sees Brian in his tree, watching the whole proceedings, and calls out, "Hey, you. You a friend of hers?" Brian says, "Yeah." The cop beckons Brian with his finger, and Brian drops his book to the ground and follows after it. The cop tells Brian, "Watch out for her." Brian looks very impressed, and asks her, "So, what happened?" Angela says nothing, and lopes toward her house. Brian puppies after her, "Right, like you're not going to tell me what happened. Chase!" Angela admits, "These guys started hitting on us." Brian asks, "What, like sexual harassment?" "Like guys," Angela says simply. Brian says, "So they picked a theme, for Yearbook." Angela suddenly remembers their earlier exchange, and asks, "Who told you I liked Jordan Catalano?" Brian says, "Nobody! S-so, do you?" Angela shakes her head slightly, and then comes around a corner, and stops dead. The opening arpeggios of "Everybody Hurts," by R.E.M. start up on the soundtrack as Angela sees a shapely young woman leaning against the trunk of her car, and -- standing directly in front of her and apparently amusing her immensely -- Graham. The camera swoops in on Angela's face for a moment, and then she stumbles backward and runs away from the scene. After a beat, Brian follows her.

Angela scuffles along the sidewalk. Suddenly, she falls forward, and Brian hurries to her to help her up. When she's back on her feet, Angela explains, "These aren't my shoes." She crosses the street. Brian non-sequiturs, "It's the year 2000. That's the theme. Just...what it'll be like. Angela --" "I gotta go," she says. "Okay," he whispers. The shot frames them nicely, with Brian slouching on the right, and Angela twisting her ankles and languidly swinging her purse on the left, just as Michael Stipe gets to the line, "'Cause everybody cries...." "That's a pathetic theme," Angela says. "I know," Brian replies.

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My So-Called Life




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