My So-Called Life

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After the break, Angela slips into the house. Michael Stipe remarks, "Sometimes everything is wrong." She climbs the stairs, where she is bathed in the heavenly glow of a very muted lamp. On the second floor, she creeps along in her bare feet. She drops Rayanne's shoes on the floor of her bedroom as Michael Stipe sings, "If you think you've had too much of this life / Hang on." Angela shrugs off her plaid buttondown shirt and sits at her vanity. She swipes at her lipstick with a tissue and stares at her new image in the mirror. "'Cause everybody hurts! / Take comfort in your friends! / Everybody hurts!" Angela sits on her bed, staring into space.

Michael Stipe's voice fades out, and quite unobtrusive transitional orchestral music takes over ["go 'Snuffy' Walden!" -- Sars] as Angela steals through the hall and stops in her parents' bedroom door. Patty is sitting in bed, apparently paying bills. Without looking up, she says, "Hi. What happened to spending the night?" Angela shrugs. Patty asks, "Well, did you at least have fun?" "Sort of," Angela says. Patty asks how she got home, and Angela lies, "Rayanne's mom." Patty balefully looks up at this. AVO says, "My mother's adopted. For a while she was looking for her real parents. I guess that's what everyone's looking for." Angela's face crumples, and she murmurs, "I'm really sorry." Patty looks stricken. Angela weeps. Patty pats the bed in front of her. Angela adds, "About my hair and everything," and lunges into Patty's waiting embrace. Angela leans her head on Patty's bosom and has a good cry. Patty says, "It's not important. It'll grow out. It actually looks...not that bad. In my humble opinion." Nice continuity touch, there; Angela said "in my humble opinion" to Nada, in their little chat. AVO says, "I fell asleep right there. I must have been really tired." Patty strokes her hair.

A bell rings. Angela passes Jordan in the hall at school; he notices her before she notices him (surely the first and last time that will ever happen), and he says "hi." She says "hi" back. He deadpans, "Out on bail?" "Yeah," she says. He looks down. She asks him how his weekend was. He says, "It sucked." He leans. She glows. He takes off. Down the hall, some other random girl is saying, "Rayanne, you are so full of it!" Rayanne tells RG (RG4 for this episode, I guess) to ask Rickie, and then spots Angela and crows, "Hey girlfriend!" Rayanne tells Angela to confirm her story. Rickie says, "We hung out with these guys -- they tried to pick [Rayanne and Angela] up!" Rayanne says, "It was totally wicked! Am I right?" Rickie adds, "And the cops came!" Rayanne tells the assembled crowd, "I am telling you, we had a time. Didn't we? Didn't we have a time?" The camera, which until now has been swirling around and around the various performers, stops on Angela, who agrees, "We did. We had a time."

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My So-Called Life




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