My So-Called Life

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As they emerge from the bathroom, a very pained Sharon watches Angela, holding a pencil on a string as she considers a sign-up list of some kind. Angela catches her eye, and walks toward her, sort of raising her eyebrows in a "I'm not going to smile but I have to acknowledge you" gesture. Sharon leaps in front of her, babbling, "I can't believe you did that to your hair! Without telling me!" Angela says nothing.

In a classroom, Sharon and Angela share a table. Sharon sits with her hot-pink-tight-clad legs up on the table, while Angela languidly drapes herself on the heel of her hand. A teacher -- played by Hey! It's That Guy! Nada Despotovich -- tries to rally the troops by telling them, "Look, people, if we can't get through this, the yearbook won't have a theme." Well, now they're on fire. Nada walks past Brian Krakow, who is perched on a cabinet of some kind, framing Angela in the viewfinder of his camera. When she catches him looking at her, she pulls the collar of her sweater up over her face, and we presently cut to InsideAngela'sSweaterCam as AVO says, "My parents keep asking how school was. It's like saying, 'How was that drive-by shooting?' You don't care how it was. You're lucky to get out alive!" Nada reads the very smurfy suggested yearbook themes (including "Graduation, Final Frontier," "Apple, Fruit of Knowledge," and "Year 2000," the last of which gets Sharon's vote). Nada checks the list and asks, "Who didn't vote?" Angela pokes her head back out of her sweater and says, "Me." Everyone turns to stare at her, and Angela collects her books and makes for the door, saying, "I don't want to be on Yearbook. Sorry." Nada asks, "Do you mind telling us why?" Brian gets Angela in his viewfinder again as she says, "No. I mean...yeah. I mean, I don't know why." Brian snaps a photo just as she's tucking her hair behind her ear. It's a nice shot, but with all the sun coming in behind her, it probably won't turn out.

Angela bounces down the stairs at home. Patty calls to her that "Sharon is here," and Angela's whole body deflates. She slinks around the corner and watches as Patty fusses over Sharon, telling her not to "eat the crust," and handing her a muffin instead. Sharon looks up to see Angela, and moves toward her, saying, "I left my Anne Frank here." Angela says nothing.

Up in her room, Patty and Danielle root through Angela's possessions as Sharon leans against Angela's vanity and Angela leans in the doorway. Making sure to say it in front of Patty, Sharon remarks, "You know, you could have told me you were quitting." Patty rears up and demands, "What? What are you quitting?" Angela complains that they're going to be late. Sharon smirks, but only with her eyes, as Patty tells Angela, "I thought you liked Yearbook!" Angela sighs, and Danielle yells, "I found it!" She hands Sharon the book. Sharon struts out, pausing at the doorway to shoot Angela a "ha!" look, and Danielle snots, "Well, don't thank me, or anything." Angela yells at her to get out of her room. Patty hands Angela a ticket for her guilt trip: "And when were you planning on telling me?" Suddenly she stops herself and snorts, "Listen to me. [duh voice] 'I thought you liked Yearbook. Your room is a disaster.' Do you think I ever dreamed that I would sound like this?" Angela smiles at her fondly, and walks off. Patty yells after her, "I am not cleaning this up!" and then sinks down on the bed. Because she knows she will.

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My So-Called Life




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