My So-Called Life

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And it fits into this empty place in your heart

Meanwhile, back in Graham and Patty's bedroom, Graham has discovered, and is watching, the Cherski's sex tape. SVO: "Gunther and Liz learned that no human desire is shameful." Patty comes in. "I found it," says Graham. Patty says, "Excuse me?" Patty sees what Graham is watching. "Who's your favorite couple," Graham teases. "Mine's Gunther and Liz." Patty pleads ignorance, and Graham teases more, and Patty asks why she'd get a tape like this, and Graham says, "Because our sex life has become routine and mechanical." Not knowing that this is a quote from the tape, Patty looks at Graham, hurt. "Do you really think that? That our sex life is mechanical?" Time for stupid marriage fight number eighty: "Why do you take me seriously when I'm not serious?" "How do I know what you're serious about these days?" "What's that supposed to mean?" "One minute you don't want to take the class, the next minute you're teaching it, and now you want to open a restaurant." "I don't want to open a restaurant." "Then why the pointed comment about the restaurants that succeed?" "Because it's a fact, some of them do. What? Well, you just don't believe that a restaurant that I cook for could possibly succeed, that's really the problem, isn't it?" Patty tries to defend herself, but he's kind of right. That is what she thinks. SVO starts to talk more about Shelley and Mitch while Graham and Patty storm off in opposite directions, and the camera settles on their empty and unrumpled bed. I guess they need the tape after all.

In Jordan's garage, Angela arrives on Brian's bike. Jordan is dressed like a grease monkey and is working on his engine, thereby evoking the essential messiness of the sexual universe which Angela is so anxious about entering. Right? Angela says, "I'm sorry about Friday night. I just had this flu shot..." Jordan tells her to quit lyin'. But she's not, she did just have a flu shot. He didn't even give her a chance to get to the lie. "Tino told me. Rayanne Graff has been clean for, like, weeks. Since the night she almost OD'd? Right?" Angela admits this. Jordan is as close to stung as he probably ever gets. "I mean, you can think what you want about me. I never lied. I can't believe you. I let you drive my car." Angela says, "It's so hard to explain,'s not gonna sound right because...part of me really wants to..." Jordan cuts her off, "This is the whole reason I didn't want to start this!" Angela yells, "Why!? Because you knew you wouldn't get sex? You'd just be wasting your time?" Jordan says, "Because you don't get it. You're supposed to. It's accepted. It's what you're supposed to do. Unless you're, like, abnormal." This is exactly what a fragile teenage girl being dumped by her boyfriend needs to hear. So Angela turns around and walks away. Maybe she even realizes a little what a jackass Jordan is. He even looks a little bit like he realizes what a jackass he is. Also, though, she leaves behind Brian's bike, making her a jackass, too. It's all about the social food chain.

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My So-Called Life




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