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And it fits into this empty place in your heart

Commercial. I was very pleased, however, by Marcia Gay Harden's victory for Best Supporting Actress. She really deserved it. But Javier Bardem was, of course, robbed of Best Actor.

Chase Place. Angela sneaks into her parents' bedroom in search of the incriminating tape. She spots it, in the VCR, just as Graham pokes his head out of the bathroom, lips bedewed with toothpaste. She fumbles with the tape, drops it, and picks it up. Father and daughter both scream, in eerie unison: "AWKWARD PAUSE!!" But, to the enormous credit of this show, they don't bother with a scene full of stupid exposition we don't need ("Sharon lent me the tape, and it's her parents, I mean, and...") or bland parental recrimination followed by support ("You shouldn't lie to us, but we're always here to help..."). No, thank goodness. Instead, Angela just says, "I don't want to talk about it," and walks out of the room, which says it all.

A bell rings, somewhere. At My So-Called High, in fact, where Brian is relating a nefarious plan to Rickie: "I just have to turn this permission slip in for the chess tournament, and then a get a whole half day off next week." Rickie nods, with pity. Then a really small woman comes in and grabs Brian: "Hey, Curly, you're on my bus, right?" She's carrying a backpack, and Brian asks if someone left it on the bus. "No, I'm just carrying it for my health," says the bus driver, officially becoming, via her line delivery, the worst actress ever to on this show. "Isn't that Angela's backpack?" says Rickie. Indeed, it is, and Brian promises to return it.

But not before, apparently, opening it, finding the sex tape, and watching it, which we now see Brian and Rickie doing in, I guess, the A/V room at school. "My parents have a vibrator," says Brian. "It sounds like a lawnmower." It occurs to me that somewhere, someone might be saying, "My parents have a lawnmower. It sounds like a vibrator." That thought makes me laugh. So does Rickie, when his comment about the tape is, "I wish I could get away with bicycle shorts." Imaginary BVO: "I guess that Angela, like, thinks about sex, or whatever. No, wait, she probably just has this for a school projects. Or something. She's too, like, normal to think about sex. I'm such a pervert. I wish I were dead." Brian and Rickie both tip their heads to the side, presumably attempting to follow the acrobatics of Gunther and Liz, or Shelley and Mitch, as they all um each other, driving the car of sex along the flu-shot highway or intimacy, balanced precariously on the bicycle seat of love, all the while glancing into the rearview mirror of your inner child.

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My So-Called Life




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