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And it fits into this empty place in your heart

The Only Bathroom, where Rickie has apparently told Angela what happened, while somehow avoiding incurring her undying wrath. She just says, mortified, "I can't believe you let Brian Krakow look through my bag." Rickie explains, "He was putting it in his locker, and the sex tape fell out." Angela says it's actually Sharon's, and Rickie is not convinced. "Rickie, I had someone. To be with, you know?" Rickie says he can't even imagine it. "My entire relationship with Jordan Catalano, every minute of it just completely sucked. And now it's over. I should have just had sex with him. Why not, it's so simple." Rickie is not convinced: "But maybe it shouldn't be. So simple. I mean, not that I know what I'm talking about, or anything, 'cause I've never, you know, experienced this, or what have you. But even if I did find, like, the perfect person, I just think it should be like a miracle. Like, seeing a comet. Or just feeling like you're seeing one. Seeing the other person's perfectness. Or something. And if you do it before you're even ready, how are you gonna see all that? Not that I would, like, know or anything." Rickie is a poet. That was worthy of the Pre-Raphaelites, the Romantics even. He's a young Keats. Not that Keats even got old. A toilet flushes. Cynthia Hargrove comes out of a stall, nose stud gleaming. "What you said," she says to Rickie, "was, like, so beautiful. Because that's exactly what it's like." Then she turns her vacant stare on Angela. "I know that we don't, like, know each other, or anything, but could I just ask you something?" Angela says sure. "Did you ever work at Big Guy Burger?" Guh? What a letdown. I'm always hoping for a meaningful moment there between Jordan's ex-skank and Angela, but it never comes.

Chase Place. Graham is making a delicious meal for the cat. Patty comes in and, after a bit of small talk, says, "I thought I'd come home early today. Have a bit of time...before the girls get home..." Hmm. Sound like somebody wants to go for a the hospital, for a flu that intimacy can infuse every moment of her day. Um, right? Hey, do we have any of that spicy mustard? Meanwhile, Graham thinks that now is a good time to admit to getting "caught up" in the restaurant idea. Patty says, "There's nothing wrong with being caught up," but she's not talking sexy anymore, even though it might seem like she is, just from my transcription. Graham says, "It's too big a risk. It would risking our whole future. So that's it." Patty argues, though, telling him that she wants him to have what he wants in life (you're treading on dangerous ground, there, Patty), and Graham insists that he already has that: "I do have everything I want." Awkward pause. "Well, you know, no one has everything they want." Patty says, "As long as we have each other." Graham says, "As new age music swells in the background." No, really, that's what he says; I'm not making a joke about the music, of which there is none at this point. Patty says, "So do you think you actually store sexual energy between your toes?"

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My So-Called Life




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