My So-Called Life

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And it fits into this empty place in your heart

Later, though not much later, Patty and Graham are now making out on the couch eager little squirrels. The phone rings, and Patty says to let the machine get it, but then they totally allow the ringing phone to wreck their mood, and even though they don't get it before it stops ringing, they're suddenly talking about restaurants again. "It's true," Graham concedes, "that most restaurants fail." Patty counters, "Yes, but some of them succeed." Graham looks her in the eye: "Look, I know you think things have been a little out of control around here. With me. No, they have. But I think it's a good thing. I think it's good. I don't know where it's all gonna lead, but I..." Patty says, "I know. I have faith in you." And, for once, she seems to mean it. So it's time for more smooching. But only a little more, and it turns into a hug, and then a sudden weariness comes over Graham, who turns into Jordan: "I got, like, no sleep last night." So instead of having sex with his wife on the couch, Graham takes a nap, and Patty goes away. Nice.

Later, Graham is still sleeping on the couch, and Brian Krakow comes to the door. Danielle lets him in, betraying no signs of her love for him. But I guess we don't know about that yet. "Is she..." says Brian. "She's upstairs, playing that same stupid, mushy song like fifty time in a row." Brian says, "Well here's her backpack. You would not believe what was in it. Never mind. Forget I said that. Not to mention the fact that she still has my bicycle." Danielle reassures him that Angela does not, in fact, have his bike, seeing as she left it at Jordan's. "WHAT!?" says Brian, waking Graham from his deep slumber. BVO: "That is so, like, just perfect. I bet she had sex with Jordan, while watching that tape, like, on my bike, or something. I'm going to buy a gun and shoot her." Angela appears on the stairs at this point, and Brian yells, "What do you think, that I don't even, like, need my own bike, and you can just, like, leave it all over town?" She sits down, dejected. "Well, don't just take it," he says, "yell back at me." He sits by her, like Spike by Buffy at the end of that two-hour Buffy episode. "I mean did something...I mean, obviously something happened." Angela says, "Nothing happened to me personally. I just think it's kinda sad. About boys." Brian asks what about boys. "Just how they only care about getting you into bed, or something. I mean, don't they?" On the couch, Graham squirms, knowing he's being unforgivably invasive, but unable to stop listening. "Not all boys," says Brian, meaning, I guess, gay boys. "I mean, is that like a problem you're having?" Then comes my favorite Angela-Brian exchange ever: "Yeah. I mean, I think about it. All that time." "You think about it all the time!?" "Brian! Yeah! Shut up! Boys don't have the monopoly on thinking about it!" "They don't?" All the smiles and incredulity they throw back and forth are really great, and Graham buries his head in his hand on the couch, a little embarrassed by Brian's surprise. It's all very...realistic. Brian says, "Well, I still want my bike back." Imaginary BVO: "She does think about sex. And she didn't sleep with Jordan. This is the best day of my life. I'm going to inflate my tire now."

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My So-Called Life




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