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And it fits into this empty place in your heart

Meanwhile, outside, said bike is being delivered. Jordan is working it out of the trunk of his car, just as Patty comes out of the house. She eyes him with interest as she heads for her car, and doesn't look away from him as she backs out of the driveway and starts to head up the street. He looks back, a little unnerved by her knowing stare. Maybe she can see a bit of Graham in him; maybe he can see that she sees right through him. We'll never know. They don't exchange a word. Once Patty's gone, Brian emerges and encounters Jordan and bike out front. The two rivals for Angela's affections size each other up thusly: "She left her bike at my place. So." "Actually, it's my bike. I don't have to take it. Just leave it here, in case she needs it." The gauntlet is thrown down. "Is she home?" "I'm not sure." Nice try, Krakow.

Inside, Angela hears a knock at the kitchen door, only this time she knows it's not a beautiful dream about lunch meat. She lets Jordan in. "I brought your bike back. Or whoever's it is." Angela's tone is biting: "So are we supposed to say something? Like, official? Because..." Jordan tells her she doesn't have to say anything. "It's sort of like when you were letting me drive your car. And I loved it, it made me feel really powerful, but also really terrified, like I wasn't ready. For that much freedom." Thus, our metaphors have come full circle. Thank you. "Well," says Jordan, reaching deep down inside to find a dollop of chivalry, "you should know, I won't hold it against you. If your name ever comes up." Angela says thanks, for some reason. "No sweat." But Angela needs to finish saying her piece: "'Cause it is a big deal. I mean, sex made your whole life start, and if you think of life as, like, a circle, then sex and death are, like, the same. I mean, not the same. I've thought about having sex with you, I've never seriously thought about killing you..." Jordan says, "Okay. Okay," with the official "stop talking you crazy lunatic" hand gesture. Then, in a rare moment of mannered overacting for this show, Jared Leto delivers kind of a false reading of, "At least you got some driving practice in." I think he's just intimidated by how awesome Claire Danes is in this scene, and is retreating behind little acting tricks that don't ring true, but that's just my theory. Angela says, "Yeah." Jordan says, "Don't take your turns too wide or anything." And then, more gently, "I'm sure you won't." AVO: "Sometimes someone says something really small, and it fits right into this empty place in your heart." She goes to him, crying a little, and says, "Your hair. The way it's really soft, like in the back. I'm really gonna miss that." She strokes his hair. He says, "Yeah," like he's agreeing about how awesome his own hair is. "Well, I guess this is it, so, goodbye." He says, "Bye. I'll see you tomorrow." Oh, right. High school. The days when you broke up with someone, and then had to see them the next day. He kisses her goodbye, and heads out the door. On the couch, Graham is very, very moved by what he's heard. He hugs a pillow for dear life, remembering what it was like. To be Jordan, I guess, and to meet an Angela.

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My So-Called Life




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