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And it fits into this empty place in your heart

"Well, I met him," Graham tells her. "He seems...well...what does meeting somebody really prove?" Angela says, "Maybe I shouldn't go. Mom said you both had to meet him, and..." This is a cry for help if I've ever heard one, the teenager suggesting she shouldn't be allowed to go to the party on Friday night, but Graham misses the cue and decides to play permissive dad: "Your mom was supposed to be home by now, but something came up at work. It's okay. This is not one of those times when your mother and I are not in sync." Angela tries again: "Because I'll understand if you don't want me to go." Graham's all, "Really. It's okay." And he thinks he's the coolest dad in the world, and Angela is terrified.

The abandoned sex-house. Various seedy-looking kids stand around in the hallways, preparing to um each other, as Jordan and Angela clamber in through the window. "Are you sure we won't go to jail, or something, if the cops, like, burst in?" Jordan assures her that her fears are groundless, only more inarticulately. "What if the neighbors like report us or something?" Jordan says, "Then we'll leave." You've got to hand it to him -- he's mastered basic pragmatism, which Angela doesn't seem to have done (i.e. "Jordan, let's not have sex yet. I'd like to sometime, but I just don't feel ready for it yet, tonight"). Angela wanders the house. Someone says, "Cynthia, that's so funny!" A girl with a small nose stud and two obnoxious friends are over by the staircase, and the platinum blonde can only be Cynthia Hargrove, the girl Jordan use to um. They all look at Angela and whisper maliciously, and she gets even more self-conscious, which did not seem possible previously. Angela runs off in search of Jordan, who finds her before she can find him. "Angela!" he whispers romantically, "there's, like, no empty rooms right now. So." Angela, swept off her feet by his gallantry, replies, "So what do we do?"

Dissolve to Angela and Jordan sitting, waiting, on either side of a large stone fireplace, not touching, not looking at each other, not talking. This is exactly what your first time should be like. Jordan breaks the silence: "See, I was wrong. There's only like three bedrooms. So." Angela says, "Oh." She is transported to a world of magical eroticism. Oh, wait. She's not. At all. "Someone told me there were like eight, but, they were wrong." He's good at the conversation thing, that Jordan. Angela's all, "Right." And AVO quips, "It was exactly like when I was waiting to get my flu shot, only I didn't even get a magazine to read." Jordan says he'll be right back, and books. Around the corner, someone says, "Tino, I'm coming!" It is, of course, Rayanne, who is shocked when she spots Angela. "You're here?" Then, with genuine regret, "I gotta go. Tino's waiting for me. But you're here? With Jordan? That's so cool!" Angela tries to get words in edgewise, to get Rayanne to rescue her, but she can't. And then, as Rayanne goes off after Tino, Jordan appears behind her, with the world's greatest pick up line: "There's an empty room now. So." Angela backs away from her lover: "I'm kinda worried. About Rayanne." Jordan's all, "Why? I thought I just saw her leave." And Angela says, "Exactly. I mean, I know her. I was there when she almost OD'd, and I just...I'm worried about her. I mean, she looked pretty out of it, so I think...I just..." She backs into Cynthia Hargrove and her obnoxious friends. "I should leave." Jordan says, "So go." She does. Jordan is confused, more so than usual, but turns away as Angela ducks back out the window.

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My So-Called Life




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