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And it fits into this empty place in your heart

Commercial. And could you believe that joke Steve Martin told about Russell Crowe at the top of the show? That was a murderous glint in Russell's eye if I've ever seen one. And I think I have.

At Chase Place, Patty finally arrives home, all late and harried and apologetic. "I am so sorry. You must all think I'm the rudest person on the face of the planet." Hallie fires back, "Hardly, since I actually hold the title." Laughter and greetings all around, and more apologies, and more banter, but Patty also picks up on the fact that they were all talking about some "great idea" when she came in, so she asks, "What's a great idea?" Graham widens his eyes and gestures to Hallie, as if to say, "Sleeping with her is a great idea." No, wait, as if to say, "Why don't you explain it, Hallie?" Hallie points back at Graham. Patty says, "Too-Friendly Pause."

Later, sitting around the table, where Patty munches on leftover food and they all drink wine, Patty laments, "I can't believe it. I can't believe Jordan Catalano was here and I missed him." Hallie says, "And we're talkin' gorgeous." Patty can't believe it: "I miss everything. What is he like?" Graham's all, "You know." And Patty cries out to the heavens: "No! I don't know! That's why I'm asking!" Graham flounders for a bit, and then Hallie insults the male ability to describe people, and takes a shot: "Fairly out of it. Not unintelligent. Sort of a stray puppy. You know, the kind where you're always trying to ease...their pain? He may even be a halfway decent person, but let me tell you: trouble. Way too gorgeous." Patty says thank you, and means it, though she won't be thanking Hallie later when Hallie steals her the non-existent second season of this show.

Later, in the driveway, Patty and Graham wave goodbye to their guests as they drive off in the Husband-Stealing-Mobile. "She's kinda loony, isn't she?" says Graham, covering his ass. "Oh, she's fun," says Patty, trying to pretend that she remembers what fun is. The talk about Brad for a second, and then the crazy restaurant scheme. Graham insists he's not getting involved with it, but Patty cuts it down anyway: "Do you know the failure rate for new restaurants? It's like the riskiest business there is." Graham points out that he just said he wasn't doing it, in a tone of voice that suggests, "Why must you predict my failure at everything?" He goes on, "Some restaurants must succeed. After all, people have to eat somewhere." Patty blathers on some more about gambling with what passes for their savings, right before Angela will need to go to college, and blah blah blah...but, oh, wait, she stops herself: "Never mind. I'm just going to drop this whole subject." Graham says, "Without running it into the ground? You?" Then he kisses her. To make sure she shuts up, probably.

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My So-Called Life




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